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ForbesNames Betts Recruiting on Top Sites For Your Career

Forbes Names Betts Recruiting on Top Sites For Your Career

The Betts Team
September 17, 2012

This summer Forbes compiled a list of the top websites for your career. This is a comprehensive list of national websites that span across every career field. Along with CareerBuilder, Glassdoor, and Monster, Betts Recruiting was chosen as one of the most beneficial sites to further your career!

Here are some reasons why Betts Recruiting was chosen:

  • Our company blog provides valuable content such as how to tailor your resume to sales, utilizing your social media to enhance your career opportunities, and how to sell yourself in a sales interview.
  • Our website provides a direct connection to recruiters who are well connected with inside knowledge on cutting-edge job opportunities.
  • We announce as well as host relevant industry events that provide great educational and networking opportunities.
  • Our website videos provide an inside look into the companies we work with, give helpful interview tips, and take the edge off the stressful job hunting process with a good laugh.
  • Our posted webinars on all things tech give insight into the industry and the professional world within a startup.

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