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Five Ways to Fight off Burnout

Five Ways to Fight off Burnout!

The Betts Team
May 4, 2015

Have you ever felt like you’re teetering on the edge of a burnout?  Since I have now been managing a team of 12 recruiters for over a year, I see signs of early burnout on a daily basis. We will explore five tactics I encourage my recruiters to implement that you can implement too. I’ve seen how small changes like these can help my team, and a small amount of effort now can payoff down the line when it comes to your workflow.

  1. Create a to-do list

    Who doesn’t love to cross things off a checklist? In a business where so many things can change at the drop of a hat, you want to focus on small wins throughout the day to realize that you are accomplishing tasks – even if they are small. You will inevitably get pulled in various directions, but if you can always come back to your to-do list, you will stay on track.
  2. Write things down

    It is so imperative that you do not let things fall through the cracks and follow through on commitments. Your to-do list gets even more effective when you write things down. This simple act will help you remember what you need to get done and allow you to move onto something else. You know that you have a place to come back to if you forget, which will calm your nerves and help avoid burnout.
  3. Be heads down during work hours

    I know this sounds like it could create burnout, but it’s actually the opposite! If you are heads down during work hours, you can minimize the time you spend working after hours and on weekends. To increase your focus, turn off pop ups and minimize the distractions in your work place. You want to make sure you’re extremely effective while you’re at work to create a great work/ life balance.
  4. Manage your time wisely

    This is a good segue from #3 and incorporates #1 and #2. To ensure that you’re heads down during work hours, you need to manage your time wisely. After creating your to-do list, block time on your calendar for various tasks so you can start crossing things off and feel accomplished. Feeling accomplished from managing your time wisely will help you avoid burnout.
  5. Love what you do!

    If you love what you do and wake up excited to go to work everyday, burning out is less likely. You will most likely end up spending more time with your coworkers than you will with your family, so ensure that your coworkers become your friends and you truly enjoy your job! This will definitely help you avoid burnout and create an incredible working environment.

Author – Andrea Glick
Follow Andrea at: @andrea_glick