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Why You Should Use an Enterprise Sales Recruiter

The Betts Team
January 5, 2016

If you’re an Enterprise SaaS Sales Account Executive (AE), you are likely very plugged into the tech sales scene. You know who to connect with on LinkedIn or who to sit down for lunch with (because you never eat alone). Plus, you’re highly sought after on the job market, and you’ve got six “informational” coffee dates and 25 recruiter inMails to prove it.

Even though you may have missed quota a few times over the past years, you have a mostly positive track record and great companies on your resume. You know which companies are sexy and which VPs of Sales are respected. You’ve got every right to be selective in your job search, and you intend to be.

The world is your oyster, so why on earth would you use a recruiter?

As an Enterprise AE recruiter, I’ve done a ton of thinking about this. For the best reasons, just ask the Enterprise sales people that I’ve introduced to some of the hottest sales roles in Silicon Valley. Most executives agree that partnering with a top-notch recruiter is valuable, if not completely game changing, and is often THE differentiating factor in landing their dream job.

Here are seven things Enterprise AE Recruiters bring to the table:

1. We’re experts, and this is our passion

They don’t call us “the best recruiting firm for revenue generators” for nothing! We know what we’re doing. Over our seven years in the industry, we’ve gathered market data and industry insights that we use to guide you toward the top, high-growth companies across the globe. We leverage this data to provide insights into interview processes, how to put your best resume and self forward, and prepare you for everything from offers to compensation conversations to resignation conversations.

2. We know what’s out there

Latest company to receive funding from A16Z? That’s our client. What you’re worth in the market? We can tell you. Roles that will get you to management in two years—we’ve got thoughts. We know what’s out there. Let us give you the scoop!

3. We’re career advisors

We don’t just schedule interviews for you, we advise. We know what makes a top-notch representative, and we make it our priority to work with the best talent and for the best clients. We will meet you in person to get to know you, and we’ll take time to learn what makes you tick. After that, we’ll tee up some top-notch interviews for you, guiding you through the entire interview process. We’ll work with you to frame your experience in a way that is relevant and compelling so that you stand out from the pack. Beyond that, when the moment arrives we’ll help guide you toward the decision that is best for you and your future.

4. We’ve got connections

I get it. You’ve got 500+ connections on LinkedIn, and thousands on Facebook. You’re dialed in, and I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “trust me, I know everyone I need to know.” Well, to that I reply, “Great! Your network is big, and so is mine. Let’s expand our networks together.” Trust me, you come out on the winning end here: Not only will we introduce you directly to the hiring managers at some of our 150+ clients, we’ll also vouch for you directly. Plus, connecting with Betts Enterprise recruiters gives you access to our staff’s network, our CEO’s network, and our all-star clients. That VP of Sales you just read about in Wired? We probably know her. Let us make the introduction directly—everybody wins!

enterprise recruiter job search betts recruiting

5. We know you’re valuable

And we don’t take it lightly. We know what you’re worth in the market, and we know how important this job search is to you. Our top talent is advocating for our people, conveying their experiences and achievements in a way that highlights their strengths and value, and making sure our clients know when they’ve got a winner. We are your greatest advocates out there—we know you’re awesome, and we won’t stop until our clients know it too!

6. We work with your schedule

We know you’re busy. Between work travel, preparing for calls and demos, and a social life, you’ve got a lot going on. We get it, and that’s why we’re here to work with your schedule. We hold a firm bar on the parts of our process that we know will lead to you signing an offer for your dream job, but we know how to be flexible too! We thrive on open communication and collaboration and know it’s the key to a successful partnership, especially at the Enterprise level.

7. We’ll move fast (if you want to)

What’s your timeline? Great, ours too. We know how important it is for you to find not just any opportunity, but the right one. Whether you want to move quickly, or just dip your toes in the water, we are here to move at your pace. Just let us know your timeline, and we’ll plan accordingly.

So the next time a Betts Recruiting Enterprise recruiter sends you an inMail or leaves you a voicemail, why not respond. (In fact, why not connect with me right now on LinkedIn, shoot me an email at [email protected], or be matched to a Betts recruiter?).  At the very least, you’ll expand your network, and, even more likely, land your Dream Job to boot.