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Employee Spotlight: Devon Satnick

Betts Recruiting Employee Spotlight: Devon Satnick

The Betts Team
November 16, 2015

Behind every successful company there is a team of talented people that help make it all happen. In our new employee spotlight blog series we will be giving you a look into the people who make up Betts Recruiting by exploring the background and successes of one of our amazing team members.

This month, Devon Satnick was the recipient of our “Recruiter Spotlight” honor. At every all hands meeting (monthly) we highlight a different member of the team and have them put together a presentation to teach us about their daily process and what they have learned by working at Betts.

Devon joined the Betts team in August of 2014 as a Recruiter, and was recently promoted to an Account Manager role. You’ll find her on the best hiking trails outside of the office and in her working hours she always keeps the team motivated. Currently, she is an Account Manager in our New York City office.

What do her coworkers think of her?

Fellow team member Aly McArdle says that Devon is “the best” because she is always high energy, you know she’s in it for the team, and she’s got an amazing confidence. Grace Mason, Head of Account Management and Business Development, says that Devon is “extremely hard working, very bright, super consultative with her clients and really challenges others.”

Q: What initially attracted you to recruiting?

Devon: To be honest, I didn’t know much about recruiting before I received an InMail on Linkedin. After learning more about the field, the main thing that attracted me was that I could combine my passion of helping people out while still maintaining my competitive edge as a sales person!

Q: How long have you been with Betts, and what’s the most important lesson you’ve learned so far?

Devon: I have been with Betts for a year and four months and plan to stay much longer!

One of the most important things I’ve learned so far is that persistence is key! It always pays off to be persistent. I think about the saying, “80% of Sales are made after the 5th to 12th Contact” – it keeps me motivated.

Q: What was your most interesting placement?

Devon: My most interesting placement was when I placed the Head of Sales Training and Development at Yotpo. My candidate had about a year or so of SaaS experience and then went on to start his own boxed wine business…I know, boxed wine!? What does that have to do with tech?

When I met with him he demanded that he make a large base salary (which was very unrealistic, given his experience). I told him, “There is zero chance you are going to get that with any of my clients and I don’t really think I can introduce you anywhere.” I made one intro to Yotpo and the next thing I knew he had an offer in hand for the base he wanted and the title he wanted! Although we didn’t start off with the best relationship we are definitely friends now and he still remembers the day I told him that compensation was never going to happen.

This experience taught me that it’s always good to set expectations from the beginning. Also, if a candidate is prepped properly to sell their experience, they can determine what they are worth to the client.

Q: Can you give us a high level summary of your spotlight presentation?

Devon: My presentation focused around the fact that each recruiter should have their own recruiting method that works best for them. As long as they are staying true to our Betts values! Personally, the value that has made me very successful is building genuine relationships. I take a personal interest in getting to know each and every candidate, which allows me to match him or her to the right opportunities. This also creates a strong and trustworthy relationship.

Q: What are your goals for the future?

Devon: My goal for the future is to continue to grow as a professional at Betts and eventually move into a management role, where I am managing a team of recruiters!

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