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How to Write Emails That Will Get Answers This Summer

The Betts Team
July 27, 2016

The gorgeous weather outside is a huge distraction for everyone. In major cities like NYC, “Summer Fridays” are in full swing from Memorial Day to Labor Day weekend. It differs between companies, but Summer Fridays range from leaving work after 2pm or working remotely every few weeks.

Does your job offer this “start your weekend early” luxury? (Betts Recruiting in New York does). If not, then it’s easy to become frustrated when your emails go unanswered after 6pm on Thursdays.

The summer season should remind us to think critically about every word we say and write. From cold calling prospective customers to emailing hiring managers for a job interview, the key to success for top-notch emails (as DJ Khaled says) is to always provide immediate value for each specific person.

Get your cold emails answered this summer by using these tips:

Show Them You’re Paying Attention

There’s nothing better than being noticed on the Internet for your hard work. Do your research and congratulate your prospect on a recent round of company funding. Compliment them on their latest LinkedIn or Medium article and highlight your favorite sentences. Show your potential customer that you care about what he or she is up to — people will forget what you say but will remember how you make them feel.

Find Common Connections

It’s now easier than ever to find common ground with total strangers. Use free tools like Crystal Knows to quickly understand how to win someone’s trust and improve your communications. Find your mutual or third-degree connections on LinkedIn. Even if you don’t have someone’s email address, Email Hunter’s Chrome extension or Find That are the easiest ways to find it. Building genuine relationships, especially over email, is easier when your prospect can associate you with a person or hobby they’re already familiar with.

Ask For Their Opinion

Going one step  beyond mutual connections is human nature’s next favorite thing: Saying what we really think. Ask your prospect about their experience with your competitors, or how they perceive your product’s industry. Get them talking about the pain points they face. Then show the benefits of your product to best position yourself as a resource.

In our world of email overload and 205 billion emails sent a day, it’s tough to cut through the noise. Personalizing emails for 1-1 relationship building is a great hack for quickly convincing people to give you a few moments of their time. The less sales-y your initial outreach is, the more likely you’ll get your emails answered on Summer Fridays.

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