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Should You Have A Dress Code When Your Team Is Working Remotely?

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With the spread of coronavirus, lots of teams are now working completely remotely. You may think that if you’re working from home, it’s not necessary to adhere to a dress code. But you shouldn’t dress like a slob either. Here’s why you should have a “remote work” dress code, and what that dress code should be.


Here’s some more insight into best practices for remote work.

Why you should have a remote work dress code

It helps maintain a professional perception

As tempting as the desire to work in your pajamas can be, it can water down your professional side. Yes, wearing your pajamas may not affect your productivity (but it might – more on this in a moment), but it can affect the way your colleagues associate with you.


Colleagues looking to converse with you through video conferencing can find it hard to take you seriously if you’re not dressed at least close to the way you would for an in-person meeting. Some casual clothes can send the wrong signals, implying you might not be working.


How you appear before your colleagues can influence how the whole meeting goes down. It’s easy for colleagues to get lost in what you’re wearing rather than what you are saying.

It boosts productivity

A study  done by Northwestern University reveals that certain clothing can influence the wearer’s psychological processes. Scientists labeled the behavior Enclothed cognition, meaning the clothes people wear can affect their behavior, attitudes, personality, mood, and confidence.


Apparently, clothes can even affect how people interact with each other. All of this is to say that the right dress code can help get people in the right working mood, and have a higher level of commitment and engagement. This can help boost productivity in the workforce.

It helps you stay focused on your work

Your home environment can be quite distracting sometimes. With so much to do, it’s easy to find yourself doing house chores or other things when you’re supposed to be working. It seems silly to say that this all comes down to the type of clothes you have on, but the fact is that that’s not so far from the truth. Dressing like you dress in your personal time can put in a personal-time mindset. If you want to be productive while working remotely, you should make yourself feel like you’re at work, and includes physical considerations like what you have on.


A proper dress code can help you stay focused on your work and avoid taking time to do house chores or run errands. Even when you get lost in house chores the dress code can help you remember you’re supposed to be working.

What your dress code should be

If you have a designated dress code recommended by the company you work for, then that’s the best option. But if you work for the kind of company that gives some freedom to choose what to wear – and many these days do – here are some recommendations:

Something comfortable

You can easily boost your productivity when wearing something comfortable. A comfortable dress code gives you room to work without any discomfort.


A comfortable dress code can depend on your locality. If you stay in a cold area, you need something that keeps you warm. If you stay in a hot area, you need something that keeps you cool. All in all, it should be decent enough to bring out the professional in you.

Something professional

You never know when your colleagues might come knocking with a video call. It’s always best to always be prepared for such video conferencing with professional wear. Your visual appearance matters, and it can affect the whole video conferencing experience.


With professional wear, it depends entirely on the type of work that you do. To some people, casual wear is professional. A simple shirt and jeans are enough. To other people, the only professional wear they know is a suit and tie.


One of the sure ways to counter home laxity while working remotely is to have a dress code. Besides helping you stay and look professional, having a decent dress code while working from home can help boost your productivity.