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How 5 Minutes Can Turn Into Your Dream Job

The Betts Team
October 5, 2016

We all know changing jobs or careers can be difficult and time consuming. Yet, you probably find yourself feeling “annoyed” by recruiters who send countless LinkedIn messages pitching amazing job opportunities. Why is that?

Being a sales recruiter at Betts inspires me to help successful people find challenging and rewarding career opportunities. According to a 2015 LinkedIn study, 43% of people are extremely or very interested in hearing from a staffing recruiter. If you take five minutes and respond to my LinkedIn message, you will immediately start saving hours of time job searching and networking with hiring managers.

Here are four reasons why you should keep an open mind when recruiters pitch career opportunities on LinkedIn:

You Have Nothing to Lose!

Recruiters have expert knowledge about the job market that can truly impact your job search success. From past interview experiences to knowing hiring managers’ personalities, recruiters have valuable and up-to-date insights that you likely won’t find through Glassdoor or Google. Having someone advocate for you in the job search can transform your interview experience for the better.

The More (People) You Know, The Better

I spend every day talking to hard working sales people at New York’s leading technology companies. This insight lets me to be your eyes and ears on the market for the best companies to work for. When opportunities match your culture and career goals, you’ll know about it first. Partnering with a recruiter saves you both time and stress (and who doesn’t want more time and less stress!).

Don’t Be a Stranger: Let Us Vouch For You

It should only take a 20-minute phone call or face-to-face meeting for recruiters to understand your career goals and aspirations. Keeping these priorities top of mind, I strategically think about what our clients want in their ideal employees.

We also have the hiring manager’s attention when we advocate for your candidacy. Online job applications expect to receive cover letters that are persuasive, yet formal. When I advocate for you to hiring managers, they want to know your tangible and intangible assets, such as big wins, exceeded metrics, and personality traits. This insight about you can make or break their decision to extend a first round interview.

Ever Wonder Why You Didn’t Get the Job?

Have you been passed on for a job that you thought you crushed the interview? Another benefit of leveraging recruiters is receiving this constructive criticism directly from the company. We ask both job seekers and hiring managers for feedback after every interview to help you improve faster. We value transparency and over-communicate throughout the process to set the right expectations for each person.

Clear communication and a high-touch interview process sounds like a fantasy. In reality, I strive to create this experience for every person I work with. Transforming people’s lives through their jobs is a privilege we don’t take lightly at Betts, and we know your time is valuable.

Take 5 minutes to honestly answer recruiters’ LinkedIn messages – we just might change your life.

Want to learn more about sales development opportunities at New York technology companies? Let’s connect on LinkedIn or email me your resume today!

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