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Demand Gen Marketing Event in NYC

From the Ground Up: Demand Gen Marketing at Early-Stage Companies

The Betts Team
November 9, 2016

The right kind of marketing, especially for early-stage companies, can help new companies compete with industry players and earn repeat customers. A demand generation marketer’s job is to create powerful content that attracts and qualify strong leads for the sales team.

The rise of tech startups in New York created a huge demand for innovative marketers to build strong brands. That’s why we invited some of the strongest women in tech to talk about what it’s like to get a company off the ground:

Demand Gen Marketing Panelists

Laura Chau is the Director of Demand Generation at Rocketrip. She has had first-hand experience working her way up the ranks and experiencing the different effects marketing has on businesses big and small. Chau grew from Marketing Assistant to Manager at McGraw Hill before taking the leap into the startup community at Movable Ink before joining Rocketrip.

Alexandra Sardarian also earned her stripes on her path to Director of Marketing at Pathgather (and the east coast). As a graduate of Florida State University, Alexandra kicked off her marketing career at a Florida-based lifestyle magazine. Since then, she gained experience in multimedia marketing, business development, and public relations. 

Finally, Kelly Maltman started out as a marketing assistant after college and climbed her way to the Head of Marketing at DigitalML. Just like DigitalML’s product, Kelly sees the power of making sure society stays connected in the internet of people. Creating concise steps to Connecting with Connected Consumers, Kelly has learned to harness the power of targeting and engaging with the right audience, and keeping DigitalML’s product top of mind for customers. 

Here at Betts, we are committed to connecting the best talent with the tech community. That’s why we are honored to have some of the brightest in the business with us on November 9th to share their tips of the trade. RSVP here to join us for our “From the Ground Up” marketing panel event, or tune into our Snapchat (BettsRecruiting) for live updates.

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