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CINCO DE MAYO and the spirit of sales

Cinco De Mayo and the Spirit of Sales

The Betts Team
May 5, 2016

On May 5th, American cities are filled with people flocking to bars or parties who often forget that Cinco de Mayo is about the major battle victory the Mexican army had over the French army in 1862. Similarly, unlikely successes happen everyday in sales. Sales is an industry founded on small wins that turn into large victories. So Betts wants to bring back the victorious side of Cinco de Mayo.


One of the main reasons Cinco de Mayo became such a celebrated a holiday is because of how outnumbered the Mexican army was. The idea of the underdog overcoming a large opponent resonates with anyone who has a competitive nature. It posits the power of an individual. Sales is a unique industry that pits one sales person or a small sales team against an entire account. Cinco de Mayo is a reminder that a dynamic sales person can make a substantial difference in generating revenue for his or her own company. That’s why championing the individual contribution of each employee is a core belief in the sales environment.


Although sales equipment pales in comparison to military weapons, Cinco de Mayo reminds us to not give up without a fight. Although the Mexican army was ill-equipped compared to its opponent, it still emerged victorious. Success in sales depends on personality and genuine relationships rather than the latest technology. There is no automated way to make a client feel valued or to convince a customer to buy. To be successful or to win a battle, you don’t need an excess of tools, just skilled people who know how to use them.


Of course, Cinco de Mayo is most famously recognized for its celebrations. Acknowledge the bravery of their army has begun to acknowledge the culture of the army as well. Cinco de Mayo is a reminder that the Mexican heritage is something to be proud of. In the same way, the best sales managers value the importance of recognizing employee achievements. Setting a precedent for celebrating success puts the spotlight on employees who go above and beyond. Morale is important in every industry, and especially when faced with dealing with countless rejections. In sales, battles, and sports, competition is driven by momentum.

Cinco de Mayo is a day that has permeated countries and cultures. It is inviting, fun, and vibrant, but it comes from a determined band of people who tackled a giant. As you celebrate this year, take into account the core message of the holiday: your actions make a difference and can lead to a victory you didn’t think was possible.