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Close-up of calendar for Q4 month

Q4 2019 Has Arrived. Here’s How to Make It a Great One.

By The Betts Team / October 11, 2019
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As we stand at the beginning of the last quarter of the year, one big thought comes to mind: 2019 is almost over already? They say time flies when you’re having fun, so if you, like us, feel that the year has flown by, hopefully it means you’ve had a fulfilling and successful 2019. If…

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Man extending hand for handshake, making job offer

Beyond Salary and Benefits: Questions to Ask When Considering a Job Offer

By The Betts Team / August 14, 2019
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So you made it to the end of the interview process and ended up getting an offer. Congratulations! Now it’s decision time: Are you a yes or a no on this opportunity? There are lots of factors at play when it comes to declining or accepting a job offer, from compensation, to benefits, and beyond.…

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3 Ways Your Personal Brand Can Power Your Job Search

By The Betts Team / July 23, 2019
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Angling for a career move? Then the perfect place to position yourself for your next job is online. And these days, marketing and sales professionals are expected to have an online presence that they can bring into their new roles, network included.    But it’s more than just being online. A captivating personal brand can…

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Your Guide to Attracting Killer Talent Has Arrived

By The Betts Team / July 15, 2019
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Hiring? Then you may have noticed something—attracting and hiring the right talent for your open roles may be more challenging than it was a few years ago. If this sounds familiar then don’t panic, you aren’t alone.

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How to Scale Your Sales Organization Faster

By The Betts Team / May 23, 2018
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As your business grows, one area that must scale at an equal (or faster) rate is your sales organization. Otherwise, you risk missing out on new and lucrative opportunities. Of course, understanding this fact and actually achieving scalability are two entirely different things. If you are working on a growth strategy, particularly an aggressive one,…

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