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Lessons Sales Development Representatives Can Learn from Marketing

5 Lessons Sales Development Representatives Can Learn from Marketing

By The Betts Team / April 18, 2020
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One of the most important characteristics to have as a sales development representatives is a willingness to keep learning.

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Woman with laptop and tea working from home Betts Recruiting

3 Tips for Remote Work in the Time of Coronavirus

By Nick O'Brien / March 11, 2020
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First it was in the news as a virus spreading around a city in China. Now coronavirus is in the US, and tech companies across the country are urging their employees to work from home. Some are even shutting down their offices and switching over entirely to remote work.    The new coronavirus is scary,…

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Interview Secrets on Sales Hacker blog header with Carolyn Betts Fleming photo

Need Sales Interview Tips? Ours Are Live on Sales Hacker.

By Carolyn Betts Fleming / February 27, 2020
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Every day, people walk into sales interviews holding their fate in their hands. What they do and say over the subsequent hour or so can land them their dream job, or take them out of contention for the role. There are people standing at this crossroads right now, as you read this.    The next…

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Betts Recruiting 2020 Compensation Guide

More Great Sales and Marketing Data from Our 2020 Compensation Guide!

By Nick O'Brien / February 24, 2020
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The next preview of our 2020 Compensation Guide is here! Today we’re zeroing in on two data points from the guide, and sharing our analysis of them. What do these data points say about sales and marketing salaries today, as well as broader business trends?    Keep reading to get our insight. And download the…

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Mark Zuckerberg job interview blog header Betts Recruiting

Practicing for a Tough Job Interview? Imagine Your Interviewer Is Mark Zuckerberg.

By Nick O'Brien / February 20, 2020
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How would you do in a job interview with Facebook? Or even Mark Zuckerberg himself? Or more to the point, how would you convince a globally recognized, multibillion-dollar corporation to invest in your talents as their next big thing? You need to let them know you have the vision and the cool and the skills…

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Jeff Bezos Amazon blog header Betts Recruiting

Would You Pass a Job Interview With Jeff Bezos?

By Nick O'Brien / February 19, 2020
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As the CEO of Amazon – the pioneering e-commerce platform of the world – Jeff Bezos is one of the most demanding employers out there. After all, he founded Amazon as an online bookstore from his garage after quitting his job at Wall Street in 1995. He once famously had his own VP call customer…

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Would You Pass a Job Interview With Tim Cook?

By Nick O'Brien / February 12, 2020
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Even when you’ve been through more interviews than you can remember, job interviews don’t necessarily get any easier. With each interview, you meet new people, selling yourself and your skills, and often things get to the third degree about what you know and don’t know. It can be even more challenging when interviewing with a…

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