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How Do You Measure Success at Your Job?

By The Betts Team / June 4, 2020
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It can be hard to know how well you’re performing at work, both in the short and long term. Key performance indicators and hard metrics are a big part of it, sure – but there are also lots of intangibles that can be tough to gauge. What’s the best way to see if you’re moving…

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4 Reasons Why Time Blocking Is Essential for Successful Sales People

By The Betts Team / March 19, 2020
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Successful sales people require more than just efficient time management skills. To maintain solid business relationships and continue to make more, successful sales people need to take full advantage of the workday. Many use a process called time blocking to ensure they’re making the best use of their time. Time blocking delineates chunks of time…

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Missed Out on a Promotion? Here’s How to Get It Next Time

By Nick O'Brien / March 10, 2020
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Have you just been turned down or passed over for a promotion? The feeling can be depressing. Maybe you had career advancement on the brain, and wanted to move from junior level to senior level but failed to make the cut. Don’t be discouraged. Yes, that sounds easier said that done. But it’s not the…

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When and How to Ask for a Promotion

By The Betts Team / October 28, 2019
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So you’ve been toiling away at your job for a while now and you feel stifled and root-bound. You can see opportunities for career advancement and you want in. You deserve a promotion. But before you go cap-in-hand to the boss, you need to know how to ask for a promotion. Here are some things…

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How to Help Your Sales Engineers Be Successful

By The Betts Team / December 6, 2018
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On a successful sales team, the sales engineer should be fully integrated. This helps them to identify and understand the customer’s pain points and goals. Once the sales team determines the problem, they focus their efforts on building a relationship of trust with the customer. The sales engineer contributes to achieving this goal by bringing…

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How to Motivate Your New Sales Team

How to Motivate Your New Sales Team

By Francesca Gomes / October 17, 2016
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If you’ve just hired a brand new sales team to start pushing your product into the market, chances are you’re going to need to learn how to motivate them as quickly as possible. Beyond just spreading the passion you have for your company, it’s philosophy, and it’s product, you need to inspire your team to…

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How to Earn a Sales Job Promotion

By Nicole Samurin / October 17, 2016
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When thinking about career progression, trying to earn a sales job promotion may seem like just a numbers game. Actually, a sales job promotion depends on multiple factors. If you want to be a sales leader, you’ll need to demonstrate individual success in addition to contributions that benefit team members and the company as a whole.…

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6 Habits of Successful Sales People

By Katarina Kljajic / October 17, 2016
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Successful sales people have a lot in common. Regardless of industry or product, they are driven by the same behaviors. Follow the six habits of successful sales people below and convert leads to deals faster! Commit to Time Blocking Time management is a skill commonly thrown around at the workplace. When it comes to sales, though, it can…

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