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10 Ted Talks to Have a More Inclusive Workplace

By The Betts Team / June 20, 2020
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There is substantial research that shows that diversity brings many advantages to an organization: increased profitability and creativity, stronger governance and better problem-solving abilities. Employees with diverse backgrounds bring to bear their own ideas, perspectives and experiences, helping to create organizations that are effective and resilient, and outperform organisations’ that do not invest in diversity.…

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Best practices for managing a remote workforce.

Best Practices for Managing a Remote Workforce.

By Koka Sexton / March 13, 2020
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With the rise of flexible schedules and advances in technology, remote teams have become a staple way of operating for businesses across a wide spectrum of industries.

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Betts Recruiting 2020 Compensation Guide

The Wait Is Over: Our 2020 Compensation Guide Is Here!

By The Betts Team / February 5, 2020
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Question: what does a recent college grad looking for his first sales role have in common with a CEO working to build her executive team? Answer: they’ve got money on the brain. Whatever your position in the workforce, having a solid grasp of current compensation standards in your space is a key ingredient to success.…

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Man and woman having 1 on 1 meeting Betts Recruiting

The Anatomy of a Well-Structured 1 on 1 Meeting

By Nick O'Brien / February 3, 2020
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As a manager, you know that the more you invest in an employee, the more they should thrive. But some interventions are better than others – and there’s no more powerful tool in the manager’s arsenal than the 1 on 1. For sales and marketing staff, individual check-ins are vital to team member welfare, performance,…

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Seven Excuses Managers Use for Failing to Fire and Why They Should Reconsider

By Carolyn Betts Fleming / July 19, 2019
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Hiring? Then you may have noticed something—attracting and hiring the right talent for your open roles may be more challenging than it was a few years ago. If this sounds familiar then don’t panic, you aren’t alone.

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