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Would You Pass a Job Interview with Elon Musk?

By Nick O'Brien / January 24, 2020
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How would you handle a job interview with Elon Musk?  (Other than fainting or grabbing his hand and telling him how much you’ve always wanted to meet him.) The excellent news is Elon is no fan of secrets to help save the environment – he’s just made freely accessible all of his patents for his…

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Would You Pass a Job Interview With Jack Dorsey?

By Nick O'Brien / January 22, 2020
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Do you ever get nervous during an interview?   Everyone does!   It’s nerve-racking stuff, especially if it’s your first time. But what if we took things up a notch – what if I tell you that your interviewer is Jack Dorsey?   He’s the co-founder of Twitter and has a net worth of $4.4…

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Winning Before You Start: How to Prepare for a Job Interview

By Nick O'Brien / January 16, 2020
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Your email has a gift in it: After days of waiting, there’s a reply about the job you really want. You take a deep breath, cross your fingers and open it… it’s an interview invitation. You made the cut – congrats! Now it’s time to prepare for the job interview process. A job interview is…

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How to Sell Yourself in a Sales Interview

How to Sell Yourself in a Sales Interview

By The Betts Team / December 29, 2019
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Everyone on the job hunt has read the standard ‘interview guidelines’ at one point or another, and has some inherent knowledge of interview etiquette. Whether you picked it up at a college career fair six months ago, or over the course of a twenty year sales career, interviewing is undeniably a skill. In particular, sales…

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Betts Connect: The Cure for the Common Phone Screen

By Drew Glover, Head of Betts Connect / December 3, 2019
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Let’s be real: There’s a lot of room for improvement in the phone screen process. Back when I was on the job market, I’d get that first call from a recruiter or hiring manager, and have to make some excuse to step out of the office and answer the phone. It honestly causes anxiety, having…

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5 Musts for the Perfect Post-Interview Thank-You

By The Betts Team / November 15, 2019
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What are the three keys to writing the perfect post-interview thank you message? Read on and learn how to make a positive final impression.

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Man and woman at job interview in conference room

Beware These Job Interview Questions. Then Nail Your Answers.

By The Betts Team / September 20, 2019
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The conventional wisdom around what questions to expect during a job interview hasn’t changed in a very, very long time. How often have you been advised to expect job interview questions about your strengths and weaknesses, or your five-year plan, or reasons for leaving your job? Of course, one of the main reasons advice like…

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Best Practices for the Sales Hiring Process

Best Practices for The Sales Hiring Process

By The Betts Team / August 26, 2019
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Hiring a new employee can be a daunting task, especially if you and your company don’t already have processes in place. It’s important to know the best practices before you begin, as they will help you to find skilled candidates and determine who will be the best fit for your company.   In addition to the…

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5 Ted Talks to Boost Your Job Interview Skills

By The Betts Team / August 16, 2019
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Got a job interview coming up? Trying to build your confidence and your job interview skills? You’re in luck. Betts Recruiting has curated the perfect collection of Ted Talks to up your interview skills and your professional mojo. Take a look at the talks below for insight that will help you truly own the interview…

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