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Are you that good Choosing between two job offers

Are You That Good? Choosing Between Two Job Offers

The Betts Team
June 17, 2013

After days, weeks and sometimes months of interviews, it is easy to rush into a new job once you have gotten an offer. Being the stellar candidate that you are, you’ve been offered more than one job offer, each with a company you know you like. So how do you know which one is right for you?

Be careful not to let initial factors like a high-paying salary or PTO tempt you, for many other elements play a role in your future happiness.


One easy way to assess which job offer would be the best to accept is to write down the top three priorities you are looking for in a job or company before you even start interviewing. A few things to consider are job flexibility, office environment and location, daily commute, company culture, company values and ethics, mental stimulation, job security and upward mobility. Does the job allow flexibility in your schedule? Will you work in a cubicle or is it an open floor plan? Is the office in the city or the suburbs? Can you take public transportation to work or do you have to drive? Is there parking near your office? Is the company culture laid back? Is creativity encouraged? These are all things to think about when choosing which job and company would be the best fit for you.


Once you have gotten your final job offers, it is important to look back at these priorities to see if anything has changed or if these values are still true to you. When you initially hear a position title and see salary numbers thrown at you, it is easy to make judgments. However, this is the most vital time to delve deeper into yourself to see what your wants and needs are in order to ultimately find out where you will be happiest long term (hopefully this job will be long-lasting!!).


After looking at the factors most important to you and weighing out the pros and cons of each job offer, position, and company, listen to your intuition! You know that feeling you have when you think something is just right? That is your gut speaking to you. Ultimately, when it is all said and done, you know you best. Listen to your gut and happiness and prosperity shall follow.


Lastly, celebrate!! You are lucky enough to be one of the fortunate people who have not only been offered one job, you’ve been offered multiple! Reward yourself for all of your hard work and celebrate your acceptance. Go out there and rock your new job and show your employers that they made the right decision.