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7 Tips That Will Make You a Networking Machine

7 Tips That Will Make You a Networking Machine

The Betts Team
February 25, 2015

In any profession you choose, networking is the best (and easiest way) to move your career forward, build a personal brand, gain professional support, and learn information beneficial to your everyday business life.

There are countless ways to find and join networking events and parties, especially in a city like San Francisco, but the best networkers don’t need an event to expand their web of contacts.

Here are 7 tips that will make you a networking machine!

1. Make internet friends!
Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram – social media gives us an easy way to share information, find like-minded people, and connect with them! These outlets allow us to share articles, get updates on our networks’ professional changes, and spread our personal brand via the web to our people of interest.

2. Always be “client-facing” ready!
Even if you have business casual dress at work, there are ways to look like a professional go-getter. For women, keep clear of t-shirts with logos, short skirts and tops, low necklines, or overpowering jewelry. If you wear jeans, make sure they don’t have the ripped or washed-out look.

For men, dress should not include board shorts, and again, no logo’ed shirts. It’s best to stick to long-sleeved shirts or nice polo’s.

3. Don’t go anywhere without your business cards!
You never know whom you might meet or run into when you’re out at a bar, in a workout class or even riding the bus! If you’re a girl, store a couple business cards in your gym bag, wallet, and your purses! Boys, have them ready to give out in your jacket or shirt pocket, or wallet

4. Why Lyft alone?
Lyfting or Ubering to work? Grab a Lyft Line or Uber Pool! Especially if you’re headed to the Financial District, or SoMa, you might just find yourself making small talk with a head of sales or a CEO.

5. Pitch perfect!
Be able to sell yourself to whomever, wherever, and whenever! Prepare and memorize a 30 second pitch on yourself and/or your company. Know your story and be comfortable telling it.

6. Ferrari fast follow up!
When you do meet someone and exchange business cards, make sure to follow up with them within 24 hours.

7. Make new friends!
Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself. Make the initiative to meet others! When you’re in a social setting try to split up from your friends or colleagues that you came with. This way you’re forced to meet new people!

Have any other tips? Feel free to comment below!