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5 Ways to Tell if You’re Happy At Your Job or If It’s Time to Switch Careers

The Betts Team
October 17, 2016

Finding a job can be a challenging process, but knowing if it is time to switch careers can be even harder. Even if you’re currently employed, not being happy in your role can dramatically affect your success as a revenue-generator. Below are five different metrics to consider when reviewing your job. Does your job check every box or is it time to connect with a recruiter?


Culture has become a buzz world in the startup scene, but it doesn’t have a clear definition. To ensure you find a job that makes you happy, find a culture that keeps you positive and excited day after day. Monotony doesn’t have to be part of the professional world. Culture can include the personalities of your teammates and bosses or the product that you’re going to be selling. It can also include how your company views vacation time, employee benefits, work ethic, and how they define success. Take the time to outline what you would want your dream job to look and feel like. Understanding your ideal job culture is essential before you begin the interview process.


A great job gives you the opportunity to grow, learn, and move upward. Staying in a position that doesn’t have a clear growth path, or doesn’t offer you any new skills will quickly become a drain. Find a job that motivates you to be better, and rewards you for doing so. Look at each role you take on as a stepping-stone. Where is your current job going to take you?


Even though it may not seem important, the logistics of a job can dramatically affect your perception of your role. Cutting down your commute, finding hours that fit your lifestyle, and a comfortable workspace all help make work an enjoyable experience, and make sure you arrive and leave with a positive attitude. Even if you enjoy the company, your coworkers, and the product, having a job that saps your energy due to travel or long work days will end up burning you out. Figure out your best practices when it comes to job logistics and use those as initial screens when looking for a new position.


You can love a company’s mission, but you need a leader you can follow. To truly love your work, you need to have a dynamic leader, with a transparent process. In any interview process, you should always get to know both the company’s leader and your immediate boss. These two individuals will shape your growth and your day-to-day activities. Make sure you can understand their wants and are able to work smoothly under their leadership.


Working for a company where you can see the effect you have on the overarching success is key to feeling happy in your job. Being a cog in the wheel, or just part of the process, takes away the individual skills you bring to your job and can make you feel unnecessary. Whether you want to avoid a huge corporation or need a position that is clearly defined, you should always make sure that your role feels important. Find a job that needs YOU and you will be happy.