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5 Ways Small Businesses Can Attract Talented Professionals

The Betts Team
September 25, 2019

So, you’re ready to put some startup funding to use and build out your sales and marketing ranks? Whether you’re a tech entrepreneur or a seasoned HR professional, recruiting as a small business in the technology sector has its challenges.

Large enterprise software companies have brand recognition and broad reach with mass followings on LinkedIn and other social media. Enterprise-level technology and SaaS organizations look great on resumes. And while they have some other obvious pros—including an expansive recruiting budget—small businesses and tech startups still have some powerful advantages to help them attract and engage killer talent.

Here are some best practices help small businesses compete with tech giants:

1. Open up about the big wins at your small business

Whether your business has just made a breakthrough by forming a strategic partnership, landed on the Inc 500 list of fastest growing businesses, or been hailed as one of the best local employers—share your achievements. Make sure you prominently communicate on your career page and in job descriptions, and keep them at the center of your discussions when you’re screening and interviewing candidates.
There’s a fresh kind of excitement you can only find at small businesses that are making big moves – and that excitement is contagious. And for the most motivated sales and marketing gurus, the prospect of helping a tech startup or small business win is a powerful opportunity.

Millennials will soon make up more than half of the American workforce and they’re looking for companies where they can make an impact and be recognized for it. Spark some excitement around being an employer that the best talent can win and grow with—that’s a serious competitive edge.

2. Brag about your unique benefits

Employees at smaller private companies are uniquely positioned to get in on the ground floor of something potentially huge. This is something that larger public companies can’t really offer. That’s why equity is increasingly offered as part of the compensation package of smaller companies as a way of making their offers extra attractive.

3. Focus on career growth

For fresh up-and-comers, small companies can offer a fierce career launchpad. And experienced professionals can become a strategic part of your organization sooner than they would breaking in at a Fortune 500.

Rather than having the defined time frames, structure and requirements of larger companies, your small business can offer a more aggressive career path to high achievers. Share about what makes your structure and paths to promotion different. Back these details up with success stories about current employees if you can. For example: “we’re hiring for this Account Executive position now because our last representative for this region was recently promoted after reaching their goals and wrapping up their second year with us”.

4. Get creative with titles

Frequently, smaller tech companies can offer applicants bigger roles and job titles than their larger counterparts. A marketing director might be ready for a VP title at your organization and an experienced content writer might be the perfect fit for your content marketing manager role. Maybe a sales coordinator would operate more as a sales strategist? When it comes to titles, think big.

5. Let them embrace their inner tech entrepreneur

Another huge bonus of working for a smaller SaaS or software company? Feeding your entrepreneurial spirit—less work is off limits and your employees have more autonomy to innovate and go after what they’re passionate about then they could at a larger and more structured organization where functions and titles keep them tied down with a strict set of parameters.

These perks can also help you identify the candidates that will be the right fit at your organization. Because while defining your own role and achievements may not rank high on everyone’s employer wish list, it’s a bold benefit for the kind of employees who will thrive in a smaller, less structured environment.

Another secret weapon? The right recruiting agency.

Alright, maybe it’s not a secret. Betts Recruiting can help you sharpen your competitive edge and use those small business perks to your advantage. Drop us a line today to start attracting standout sales and marketing talent.