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5 ted talks

5 Ted Talks to Boost Your Job Interview Skills

The Betts Team
February 26, 2020

Got a job interview coming up? Trying to build your confidence and your job interview skills? You’re in luck. Betts Recruiting has curated the perfect collection of the ever-popular TED talks to up your interview skills and your professional mojo. Take a look at the talks below for insight that will help you truly own the interview process.

1. Prepare to speak with confidence

Not much of a talker? In this TED Talk, voice coach Caroline Goyder shares three secrets to speaking with confidence. Warning: singing in the shower might be involved. Watch it and find your voice before you even walk into the interview.

2. Strike a power pose

Ever heard of power posing? Psychologist, Amy Cuddy, shares how it can change the way people think about each other. She shares how non-verbal communication can impact the way you’re perceived and whether you’re hired. Learn how even the smallest gestures can make the biggest difference.

3. Focus on your skills

Experience is important, but at the end of the day, it’s all about your abilities. In this TED Talk, Jason Shen, CEO and Biology major, explains why highlighting your skillset is so important. Watch and listen to him share about the power of human potential.

Hint: This is the perfect watch for up-and-coming professionals.

4. Learn from the best

Human Resources Professional Ashwini Mrinal Bhagat shares what she learned from 32 different job interviews. These sometimes-inspiring, sometimes-hilarious, and sometimes-horrifying interview stories will help you hone an important job interview skill – perseverance – and show you that, in those moments when you start to feel like pulling your hair out, you’re not alone.

5. Building interview skills is tough – don’t give up

Need some inspiration? The job hunt can be grueling and demoralizing, especially after an unexpected job loss. In this talk, record-setting long distance swimmer Diana Nyad shares how she finally achieved her biggest dream. Her story of perseverance may inspire the confidence you need to crush it at your job interview.

You don’t need to talk to career counselors to get solid advice to boost your job interview skills. You can find inspiration in lots of different places. Hopefully the inspiring stories in these TED Talks teach you something that you can apply the next time you walk into a room with a panel of interviewers. You got this!