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5 Spring Cleaning Tips for your LinkedIn profile

5 Spring Cleaning Tips for your LinkedIn Profile

The Betts Team
March 17, 2015

If you’re looking for a new job, don’t waste your time on Google searches. Instead, focus your energy spring-cleaning your LinkedIn profile to get noticed by recruiters!

As a recruiter, I spend my days finding top talent for our clients. While I talk to my personal network and attend networking events as much as I can, most of my day is spent on LinkedIn to find the crème de la crème.

Here are five steps you can take to get noticed on LinkedIn, so you can spend less time searching for jobs, allowing them to find you!

  1. Make your profile picture professional

Let’s be honest: recruiters are sorting through professionals just as fast as you are sorting through profiles on Tinder. Make a good first impression, and choose a professional headshot photo that you would want your next boss to see.  If your picture looks like it might have come from TMZ, they’re going to swipe left.

  1. Have unique content

Job titles are ambiguous.  Job descriptions are monotonous. Put something tangible on your profile that will make you stand out.  If you are in sales, add your quota attainment metrics.  If you are in a marketing role, add creative samples from your portfolio.  By adding achievements, awards, or notable successes you’ll be separating yourself from peers.

  1. Add personal touches

Nobody likes to receive generic, unsolicited “InMails” on LinkedIn. However, if you don’t let anyone know who you are or what makes you special, generic is all you’ll get. Spend the time to add a few personal interests to your profile. Getting a recruiter or hiring manager to notice you isn’t just about your job title, it’s about being someone people would want to work with.

  1. Ask for recommendations

Saying, “I’m the most amazing sales person on the planet” is a strong statement, but having someone else back it up makes you even more reputable. Ask your friends and coworkers to exchange LinkedIn recommendations. It takes a little bit of time, but having the support of another person on your profile adds instant validation.

  1. Volunteer

    A growing trend with companies is to offer extra paid time off to their employees who volunteer time to something they’re passionate about. Employers like to have employees who are well rounded and genuinely care about others. If you volunteer somewhere on a consistent basis, add it your profile.

Getting your “dream job” can be a challenge, and you might only have one shot at getting it. Having a clean, powerful LinkedIn profile might just mean the difference between dredging through your week punching a clock, and starting your career.

Post via – Chris McCaffrey

Photo via: wikimedia