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5 Reasons Why I Joined Betts (and Why You Should, too!)

5 Reasons Why I Joined Betts (and Why You Should, too!)

The Betts Team
March 24, 2015

Being in direct sales wasn’t the right job for me. I knew I was “salesy” and had the gregarious personality to quickly be comfortable in new settings, and shamelessly strike up a conversation with anyone in any situation. In a B2B sales setting, when I would (finally) get the CMO of a company on the phone, I simply had too much empathy to keep pushing him or her into something that clearly wasn’t wanted. Sales recruiting envelops everything I LOVED about sales, and nothing I didn’t like, so when I was offered a job at Betts, it was a no-brainer – this was my new career.

1. Passion“One person with passion is better than forty people merely interested.”

E.M. Forster said it best! This was the #1 reason I was excited about joining the Betts Recruiting family. When I graduated from college and joined the working world, I found myself in a job that I wasn’t passionate about. I was selling something I actually found quite obnoxious, so trying to convince others to buy it was a total joke. When I walked into the Betts office for the first time, the passion radiated from every single person. Everyone that works here loves to help people.

2. Matchmaking – Isn’t it the best when you know two friends who you realize would be perfect together? They’re both from the mid-west, obsessed with cats, and go fly-fishing in their spare time. Basically, you could see them building a very happy life together. Well, that’s what we do all day long (sort of.) We work with candidates to learn all about their experiences, passions, and what their dream job looks like. Simultaneously, we work with clients to learn what their product or service is, what their “unicorn” candidate looks like, and then we find that synergy. It is so rewarding, and sometimes tear-jerking when you know you’ve just changed someone’s life for the better.

3. Culture – I moved to San Francisco from Boston in January 2014. Moving across the country can be scary and a huge challenge, but the team and culture at Betts made this ridiculously easy. Everyone who works here is super close, and welcoming- and I’m not just saying that! (Seriously- check out my Facebook. It’s littered with Betts friends!) People from every team, of all levels collaborate during the work day, mingle and socialize for post-work happy hours, and start discussing weekend plans mid-week to make sure none of us will be experiencing “FOMO” (Fear of Missing Out) the following week.

4. Growth- The opportunity for growth here is insane which makes the culture super hardworking and not sharky! I don’t understand how candidates can walk into our office, and leave without thinking, “wait…I want to work there….” (which, ironically, is how most of our employees become Bettsers!) Since we’re growing at such a fast pace, promotions and opportunities to mentor others, run trainings, and recognition are huge.

5. Startup within a startup- One of the coolest parts about expanding and growing Betts to the Silicon Valley is that we’ll be operating as a startup, within a startup! We put our money where our mouth is, as we know how high-growth companies operate! We are bootstrapped, and have seen rapid growth like so many of our clients. You will be able to help grow our already amazing culture, and define the unique culture of the new office. Be comfortable while you have down time, but client-ready for meetings!

If you’re interested in joining Betts Recruiting or have any questions, you can email me at: chelsey at