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5 Reasons To Bet Your Career on the Technology Industry

5 Reasons To Bet Your Career on the Technology Industry (If you haven’t already)

The Betts Team
March 5, 2015

While it may seem obvious to San Franciscans, chugging the tech “kool-aid” isn’t necessarily the norm outside the Silicon Valley bubble.

Since the opening of Betts Recruiting’s Dublin office last year, we think that you should bet your career on the technology industry, no matter where you are in the world! It’s true! Even if we’re a little biased. Below are the top reasons why you should:

  1. Tech lives on the cutting edge of innovation. Let’s face it, technology is addictive and it isn’t going anywhere. It’s makes us more curious, keeps us constantly connected, and makes our every day lives more convenient. You will soon be able to take an “out of this world” vacation using SpaceX, be a less paranoid parent with the help of Sproutling, and stalk the hottie from your morning commute on Happn.
  2. Smart people surround you. Being in a brainy environment encourages creative thinking, which makes you work harder to challenge yourself daily. Plus, who would complain about mingling in the hallways with visionaries like Marc Benioff and Sheryl Sandberg?
  3. Did someone say career progression? If you’re willing to put in the time, you have a world of opportunity in front of you. We’ve seen entry-level individuals go from pounding the phones to VP titles in less time than it took them to get through college.
  4. Opportunity to make millions. Not every startup is going to make you rich, but the possibility makes it that much more exciting. While we know copious amounts of money might not be the most important thing in life, we also love the idea of spending our days vacationing off the coast of Greece.
  5. Can’t forget about the perks! It’s a technology war out there. Companies are working hard to build and maintain an environment where the best of the best are excited to come to work every day. From providing gyms and yoga in the office to paying for portions of your rent, today’s perks are making catered lunches look like a stale bagel.

Are you ready to make the leap to a career in the technology industry? If you still aren’t convinced let us know why!

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