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5 Reasons Recruiters are a Hiring Manager’s Best Friend

5 Reasons Recruiters are a Hiring Manager’s Best Friend

The Betts Team
March 3, 2015

As a hiring manager, you may wonder, “How hard can it be to find the right person for my team? Maybe I should just try and find the right person myself.” However, below are a few reasons why working with a recruiter might be the smarter decision.

  1. Recruiters add financial value to the hiring process

    Determine your hourly rate, and ask yourself if you would pay someone your hourly rate to screen people?  Can you put your current job on hold while you read resumes and peruse LinkedIn? Let the recruiters do the heavy lifting for you.
  1. You won’t waste time with the “wrong” people.

    Have you ever felt within the first five minutes that a phone screen is over? Recruiters understand your business and will send over resumes that fit your ideal profile, allowing you to focus on taking your favorite applicants through your hiring process, ultimately helping you grow your business.
  1. You won’t have to strain internal resources.

Your internal recruiters may already be spread thin trying to find people for more than just your team. They may be working on five different positions for five different departments.  Although you love the profiles they are sending over, if you need triple the number of people in your pipeline, you may want to consider a recruiter.

  1. Recruiters have greater insight on what drives the job seeker.

Our job seekers are our best friends, too. Recruiters talk to them on a daily basis to understand what motivates them.  They tell us things they may not feel comfortable telling you, and we can help mediate any misunderstandings to secure a perfect match.

  1. No placement, no cost

Most recruiters are contingency-based, meaning that if they are unable to place a top-tiered candidate, there is no payment obligation. This allows hiring managers to feel confident in the fact that they are only paying for services rendered.

Recruiters aren’t just there to make you a more efficient hiring manager, they are also a friend that will be there for you throughout the hiring process.

Have you used a recruiter before? If so, let us know your reason why in the comments section!