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4 Reasons You Should Consider a Career in Sales

4 Reasons You Should Consider a Career in Sales

The Betts Team
October 16, 2016

If you’re considering a career in sales, read the four points below to understand why sales jobs are great for professional development. Regardless of how many years of experience you bring to your career, you can find success, variety, job security, and growth equitable to the amount of work you put in!


Sales is one of the few industries left that relies primarily on someone’s work ethic. Although some people may be born with a natural gift that makes them more comfortable talking to people, innate talent doesn’t equal success. The more effort you put into sales, the more you get out of it. This means that you have full control over how successful you will be in your job. If you are willing to put in the extra effort then you will quickly see your career progress. Unlike other industries where your professionalism advance is contingent on years of experience, in sales you can truly rise up as fast as you want to. If you’re the type of person that strives to be the best at what you do, sales is a great career that will reward that mentality.


Additionally, sales offers huge variety in your day-to-day activities. You call different customers, you meet with different clients, and you plan different parts of your pipeline all within the same hour. With the fast-paced nature of sales, you are constantly moving forward and can track your progress accordingly. The variety of the daily duties of a sales person means you won’t be stuck working on one project for months on end. If you’re looking for a career that allows you to see your immediate impact then sales is a great choice.


Today’s sales positions have dramatically changed from what was previously a door-to-door or telemarketer business. There are many different directions a sales position can take. From Account Management to Customer Success, you can interact with more clients or customers depending on what interests you. There are also more distinctions of sales, such as Enterprise Sales or Sales Engineering. These types of positions help you develop more honed skills to target certain industries, verticals, or potential clients. With the booming tech scene happening, there are many different variations of sales roles that constantly need to be filled. Starting a career in sales guarantees you fantastic growth opportunities with many different options as to where you can advance.


Lastly, the sales industry isn’t going anywhere. Whether the economy is up or down, booming or bursting, sales people are always going to be in high demand. Choosing a career in sales can offer you job security and experience that is directly translatable to every other industry or role. Whether you are just starting out with your first job or are looking to make a move into a more dynamic industry, sales is a great career choice. No matter what product or service you are interested in, you will always be able to apply sales experience to your role.