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4 Quick Ways to Spring Clean Your LinkedIn Profile

The Betts Team
March 28, 2016

It’s that glorious time of year when the sun shines longer and heavy jackets are not as necessary. As you’re digging through closets to make room for new wardrobes, it’s just as important to give your online brand a good spring cleaning.

Your LinkedIn profile is the best place on the Internet to tell your professional story. Whether you’re job searching or loving where you work, here are four things to check on LinkedIn to ensure your profile is as fresh as the flowers blooming outside:

1) Check yourself: Is your LinkedIn story accurate?

LinkedIn Clean Profile Professional Title

A big red flag for recruiters and hiring managers is inconsistent stories between a resume and LinkedIn profile. Does your LinkedIn professional headline match the position title on your resume? Would your LinkedIn job descriptions impress a stranger?

You might think writing the same information in two locations is redundant, but it’s definitely not: Tailor your resume for a specific job, and use LinkedIn to showcase all of your career accomplishments. It shows potential employers you care about your personal brand, and would therefore be a strong extension of their brand on the job.

2) Follow the Pulse: What are influencers saying?

LinkedIn Profile Pulse Personal Brand

LinkedIn’s Pulse is an amazing resource of curated professional news from industry leaders and publications. Has your portfolio changed in the new year? Wondering what inspires your favorite entrepreneur? Change your preferences in Pulse to keep up with the most relevant, high-quality content. It’s a great hack for keeping up with industry trends you can mention at networking events or a job interview!

3) Catch up with old friends: Who’s making moves where?

LinkedIn Profile Personal Brand Betts Recruiting

When you’ve reached that almighty “500+ connections” status on LinkedIn, it’s easy to fall out of touch with the great people you’ve met along the way. You can sort through your network based on industries, current or past companies, location, or good old-fashioned ABC order. You’ll be surprised to see where people relocated, the promotions they’ve gotten, or who changed industries after college!

LinkedIn makes it really easy for you to message these connections: Take 5 seconds to send a quick “Hey! Congrats on your recent promotion! How’s it going at (company name)?” They’ll appreciate you paying attention, and creates an opportunity for you to update them on your job search interests. This helps your network keep you top of mind the next time they come across an exciting opportunity.

4) Grow your network: Connect with alumni in your industry.

LinkedIn Profile Personal Brand Betts Recruiting

In the heat of March Madness and college pride, it’s a perfect time to make new connections with university alumni. Search for your alma mater(s) on LinkedIn and filter through the thousands of alumni. Discover where they live, work, and what they do – it won’t take long to find someone in your dream job! The moment you mention their alma mater, they will get that warm-fuzzy feeling about their college days (assuming it was a good experience) and be happy to have an informal phone call or coffee meeting.

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