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30 apps that make remote work easier

30 Apps That Make Remote Work Easier

The Betts Team
April 19, 2020

With the coronavirus spreading across the globe, people everywhere are sheltering in place until this blows over. That includes companies.

Fortunately, there are win-win solutions for employers and their employees. Currently, numerous apps are available that make it possible for employees to work from home.

30 apps that make remote work easier


1. Chrome Remote Desktop: A secure way to access your computer from any device and collaborate with teammates with screen shares.

2. Slack: A team communication tool with fun and useful gifs and chatbots that will help cut down on emails.

3. HipChat: Another chat tool that will streamline your job when used with Jira or other products by Atlassian.

4. Workplace by Facebook: This team collaboration platform will help teammates work together more effectively. It includes voice and video calling, messaging, and news feed features.

5. Google Drive: A space to create, store, share, and collaborate on spreadsheets, presentations, and other documents.

6. Box: Store important documents and collaborate with remote team members as well.

7. Dropbox: Another cloud storage app, only you can also use a recently launched program called “Paper” to collaborate in real-time with this one.

Video/meeting platforms

8. Calendar: Manage all your events and calendars in one place and arrange meetings without having to send numerous emails.

9. Google Hangouts: One of the top tools for video meetings that can even be used with other apps like Slack that allows you to launch hangouts from within a channel.

10. Zoom: An alternative to Google Hangouts, but allows more people to attend meetings. Other features include video, voice, and one-to-one group calls.

11. Great for team calls and screen sharing and the program doesn’t freeze up as other platforms often do.

12. YouTube Live: Allows you to host a live broadcast scaling globally, create a training video for your team, or record any video.

Project management

13. Grow sales with this all-in-one toolset by finding and contacting your candidates and leads and bringing your ideas right to their inboxes.

14. MailChimpCreate email campaigns, measure outbound email effectiveness with analytics, sync customer data, integrate with third-party applications, streamline workflows, and more.

15. Salesmate: This app allows you to increase conversions, organize sales, and increase customer relationships with this new-age small business CRM.

16. Zapier: Automate processes of repetitive tasks and switch between apps to save time.

17. Evernote: An app that’s widely used for sales as it can be used to store important business data.

18. Asana: Plenty of options available for remote teams to track and manage projects.

19. Pivotal Tracker: An agile simple sprint tracker that helps manage client projects more easily.

20. Brainshark: Achieve sales conversions and improve productivity, by arming your team with information and knowledge.

21. Trello: A remote task and project management program that can be used to prioritize sessions.

22. Todoist: Manage numerous tasks and projects the simple way with tons of customizable features and options.

23. Basecamp: Use his helpful sales project app to collaborate and brainstorm ideas with your team and also ensure tasks will be completed on time.

24. Chorus: A smart app that will record then transcribe data in real-time as well as record insights from sales calls to fine-tune communication strategies.

Scheduling/Time management and more

25. Doodle: Setting up meetings has never been so easy as you can stay on track, quickly set-up meetings, and avoid conflicting bookings with this scheduling app.

26. Daywise: Schedule notifications to prevent work from interrupting your free time.

27. Figuritout Chrome extension: Know the time at remote teammate’s locations, which can help schedule meetings and more.

28. Serene: This tool prevents distractions so that you can stay focused and complete tasks more rapidly.

29. Toggl: Track how long it takes you to complete tasks.

30. Rescue Time: Know where all your time is spent with this useful time management app. It tracks websites visited, computer activities, programs used, and provides an accurate picture of daily work activities.