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29 Things You'll Never Hear New Yorkers in Tech Sales Say

29 Things You'll Never Hear New Yorkers in Tech Sales Say

The Betts Team
July 29, 2015

In an emerging market, top performers and tenured sales reps are hard to come by. They often have the upper hand being sought after by many companies and of course, recruiters. In our day-to-day with these NY personalities, we’ve noticed some trends. Who doesn’t dread going to Times Square for a meeting or riding the subway in 100° heat and humidity?

Here is a list of 29 things we have NEVER heard a New Yorker say –

P.S. – If you’re not a real New Yorker, you might not understand these…

  1. “My rent went down last year”
  2. “I love the smell of NYC in the summer”
  3. “My train was right on time”
  4. “Uber is overrated”
  5. “De Blasio is a god send”
  6. “I’m not looking, but am happy to chat anyway”
  7. “My schedule is wide open”
  8. “I have over 10 years Enterprise SaaS sales experience in mobile solutions”
  9. “My base isn’t that important, I want the right opportunity”
  10. “I’m OK with a pay-cut for the right opportunity”
  11. “I prefer transactional sales”
  12. “Excuse me”
  13. “No, none of my friends work in finance”
  14. “I’ve never been to the Hamptons”
  15. “I think I just want to be an SDR for awhile”
  16. “I try not to drink at networking events”
  17. “I love working in Times Square”
  18. “I’m so glad we IPO’d”
  19. “The subway was so empty today”
  20. “Why aren’t there any people that work in finance anymore?”
  21. “Thanks for calling”
  22. “My dad always wanted me to work in tech”
  23. “Let’s share a Lyft”
  24. “Cash only? Oh, that’s cool.”
  25. “I love people from New Jersey”
  26. “The cab smells really nice”
  27. “I’m hungry, let’s head to Times Square for lunch.”
  28. “I never spend more than $10 on lunch”
  29. “Fuggedaboutit!”

Which one is your favorite? Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments!

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