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Betts Recruiting proudly partners with companies to hire our nation's military veterans. We understand that veterans bring a unique skill set and proven expertise to the companies they work for.

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We help military veterans find purposeful jobs
Serving in the military is a great way to give back to the country and work for the greater good. Betts understands the need to go above and beyond that military veterans bring with them to their career search. We partner with today's most innovative companies looking to find better solutions across many industries, including healthcare, security, and education. Betts helps military servicemen and women find a company and product they are passionate about.
Sales positions give military veterans great career opportunities
When it comes to career choices for military veterans, the sales industry offers many unique benefits. From flexible commission, a focus on intangible qualities, and an opportunity to rapidly advance, sales can be a great profession for veterans. Betts Recruiting works on many different sales roles throughout the sales process. From sales development to customer success to sales engineering, veteran's job opportunities are endless. Sales gives veterans a career that benefits from the skills and expertise they learned during their service.
Military skills & expertise build great leaders
Veterans bring decisive leadership, grit, determination, and integrity to every job they take on. They work well under pressure and in high-intensity positions, quickly learn complex software and technology, and are dedicated to success. Veterans are ideal candidates for companies looking for strong and motivated employees. Betts Recruiting helps veterans map their military skills onto civilian jobs to determine the best fit.

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