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The Ultimate Compensation Guide for 2020


Set smart compensation standards with our 2020 Comp Guide

Download the guide now so you can:

Make sure your offers are competitive and attract the best talent for your open headcount

See current compensation standards for various roles in Sales, Marketing, Leadership, Customer Success, and People Operations

Protect yourself from unfair pay with detailed knowledge of current compensation standards

See regional differences in typical comp packages and salary expectations, with data covering the top tech hubs in the U.S.

Get the typical ratio of salary to sales commission for SDRs, AEs, and other roles

See a comparison of today’s data to last year’s, with key takeaways

Are you compensated fairly? Are your offers competitive? Find out in the Betts Recruiting 2020 Compensation Guide. Whether you’re hiring or interviewing, this guide will help you set salary expectations, establish sales commission benchmarks, and much more.

What else do you get in the comp guide?

Our 2020 guide is built on a treasure trove of up-to-date industry data. And it comes with a lot more than data to help you establish competitive offers and develop salary expectations. You also get firsthand insight from sales and marketing experts, as well as successful professionals placed in their current roles by Betts Recruiting, into what’s happening in tech today as it pertains to salary, equity, sales commission, and more. Don’t negotiate offers in the dark. Download the Betts Recruiting 2020 Compensation Guide today and arm yourself with the detailed knowledge necessary for success.

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