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Why Go with Betts as the Hiring Landscape Changes?

The Best Recruiting Agency for Navigating a Transformed Hiring Landscape

It’s a new era in the job market and business landscape. Here’s why companies partner with Betts Recruiting as their go-to recruiting agency for finding the right people, and hiring them fast, in the biggest market we’ve seen in years.

The challenge

In March 2020 alone, millions of Americans poured into the job market, while companies everywhere scrambled to make the switch to remote work. For those looking to hire, finding a needle in a larger-than-ever haystack while simultaneously working to bring their teams remote can be overwhelming.

The solution

By partnering with a recruiting team that knows how to navigate a growing and evolving market for revenue-generating talent, you stay in control of hiring and keep moving toward your goals.

Develop your profile

Work closely with Betts to build and refine a candidate profile to meet your specific needs.

Leverage Betts Connect

Our online platform empowers you to draw from our extensive talent network, filtering for experience, skills, qualifications, and more, and connect with candidates directly.

Meet the moment

Access coaching and materials to help you interview, hire, and onboard talent remotely. 

We understand what makes a strong job candidate in today’s business landscape. And we know how to find them.

Hiring through Betts is:


We help you cut out the noise and find talent that’s equipped to meet your needs and adapt to a changing work landscape.


Fill roles an average of 65% faster than in-house recruiting efforts


We’re the leading recruitment firm for go-to-market hires, whether for in-office or remote roles.

The values that drive us

We work according to a concrete set of values that we bring to every interaction with our partners.

People First

We connect on a deeper level to build meaningful, lasting, genuine relationships with our partners. That’s what empowers us.

Expect Excellence

Greatness is impossible without striving for excellence in everything we do. Embracing this mentality has made us leaders in our space.

Continuous Growth

We embrace a growth mindset. We meet challenges with resilience, and learn from them.

Trust the Process

We use the power of data, and a passion for doing the right thing, to help drive decisions for both our partners and our team.

Love What You Do

Helping companies grow and and professionals reach their career goals is what gets us up in the morning.

Brought to you by the sales hiring experts at Betts Recruiting

Betts is the leading recruitment firm for revenue-generating, marketing and people operations roles. Since 2009, Betts has partnered with the biggest names across multiple sectors offering a customized approach to each search. Through our recruiting services and online hiring platform, we’ve established networks of genuine relationships that allow us to source the highest-quality talent and execute quickly. With offices in San Francisco, New York, Austin, Chicago and Los Angeles, Betts works to help companies build their organization, and to guide talent into an exciting career, faster and smarter. Betts Recruiting has received numerous accolades including being recognized as one of Inc. Magazine’s top 5000 Fastest-Growing Companies in America.


For more information, reach out to our team.