RecruitCoin by Betts

RecruitCoin by Betts

The world of recruiting has a challenge—trust. But we have a smart solution. Our vision is to transform the world of recruiting by leveraging the power of blockchain technology. Our plan? Reward people for their engagement + referrals with RecruitCoin, a new type of cryptocurrency. The more our tech talent network grows, the greater the utility of RecruitCoin—amping up its volume and value.

Pre-sale Starts January 4th!

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A Unique Opportunity

Betts is changing the future of recruiting by being the first recruit-tech company that compensates people for their engagement, referrals, and data. RecruitCoin is a unique utility crypto token that gives the power back to the people, and ensures the security and privacy of your data.

A Unique Opportunity

About Betts

About Betts

As the leading Sales and Marketing recruit-tech company in the United States, Betts has worked with many Fortune 500 companies, over 10,000 start-ups, and has helped scale 35 unicorns, amassing one of the largest, and most engaged pools of tech talent. It’s time to reward them.


RecruitCoin: Solving the Biggest Problem in Recruiting – Trust!


Everyone’s been pitched by a recruiter on LinkedIn for a job that has nothing to do with your background. Or, signed up for job boards and platforms, only to get spammed a couple weeks later as they’ve sold off your data to the highest bidder.


We are revolutionizing how recruitment works by leveraging the power of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency—here’s how.

Everyone in Betts’ Connect talent network will receive RecruitCoin as payment for being part of it—the more engaged they are, the more RecruitCoin they earn. And the Betts Connectors who make referrals to help grow the talent network will receive the most RecruitCoin.

Betts Connectors Referral Program

Anyone accepted onto the Betts Connect network will receive a unique referral code stored on the blockchain. When a referral from their network signs up for Connect, they will earn RecruitCoin for those referrals.

The Connector Program, built on the Polygon (formerly Matic) blockchain, solves the biggest issue in all referral systems—trust. As a Betts Connector, you know you’ll be paid for referrals from your network.

Connectors will have the ability to earn residual RecruitCoin as their referrals engage with the platform, interview, and get hired.

Betts Connectors Referral Program

Tokenomics Timeline

  • $150k
  • 25M
  • 2.5M
  • 3-6 months after token sale ends
  • Jan 4 - Jan 10
    0% Bonus
  • Jan 11 - Jan 17
    15% Bonus
  • Jan 18 - Jan 24
    10% Bonus
  • Jan 25 - Jan 31
    7% Bonus
  • Feb 1 - Feb 14
    5% Bonus
  • Feb 15
    0% Bonus

Tokens & How They’re Used

The Betts talent network earns tokens by engaging with hiring managers or spends tokens to unlock job opportunities and exclusive trainings. The client network receives tokens by signing up for Connect and uses them to incentivize candidates to respond. This is just the start—the utility potential of RecruitCoin is immense.


  • Sign Up
  • Interview
  • Get hired
  • Refer your network
  • Sign Up for Connect


  • Unlock Company Hiring
  • Pay for Trainings
  • Incentivize candidates to respond


We have added additional resources to help answer any questions you may have.


Next year's roadmap for RecruitCoin

  • Initial Token Sale

    Unlocking clients, clients paying, candidates to engage, paying talent network through engagement

  • Training

    Launching the learning and development network.

  • Agency

    Giving access to anyone through RecruitCoin to start an agency talent network on the blockchain

  • Reviews

    Adding peer reviews, team and hiring manager reviews on the blockchain

The Team

  • Carolyn Betts Founder & CEO
  • Cliff McBride Chief Technology Officer
  • Josh Weisman CRO
  • Patrick Kellenberger COO
  • Lauren Stempel VP of Recruiting
  • Leslie Schmidt VP of Recruiting
  • Sandra Polak Director of Marketing