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How is Betts Recruiting different from other recruiting agencies?

Founded in 2009, Betts Recruiting partners with the fastest growing companies throughout the United States. We personally work with all of our candidates and specialize in recruiting for revenue generating roles including: Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success. Our recruiters focus solely on the candidate relationship, ensuring that you have the best experience and are always a top priority. Our account managers in turn, represent our clients, safeguarding their needs. This segmented approach enables us to provide our clients not only with the best candidates, but more importantly, the right people to help scale their business.

Is Betts Recruiting a local service or international?

Betts Recruiting has five offices across the United States, including San Francisco, New York, Austin, Palo Alto, and Los Angeles. Several of these locations serve additional U.S. markets, but at this time we are not serving international markets.

How long does the Betts Recruiting process take?

The typical recruitment process takes between two weeks and six weeks, depending on the position and how specific the parameters are.Check out our case studies for actual search timelines.

What does the Betts Recruiting process look like?

After you connect with a recruiter through this form, we will reach out to you within 48 business hours. We value building genuine relationships, so we'll discuss your goals and background experience and then meet in-person at our office to discuss specific opportunities. From there, we schedule interviews for you, provide prep calls before every interview, and share direct feedback afterwards. Your recruiter will be with you every step of the way from the initial meeting to offer letter.

What positions does Betts Recruiting recruit for?

Betts specializes in the following roles: Sales Development Representative, Account Executive, Customer Success, Sales Engineering, senior-level Marketing, Executive Leadership, and People Operations. For more information, visit our Job Seekers Opportunitiespage.

Does Betts Recruiting recruit for temporary sales positions?

Betts Recruiting does not recruit for temporary or part-time sales positions. We focus on finding great candidates for full-time roles at amazing companies.

Do I have to work exclusively with Betts Recruiting?

Betts Recruiting does not require individuals to work exclusively with our company. Instead, we do ask that you are open and candid about interviews you have outside of Betts. Oftentimes, you may be interested in or interviewing for a position at a company where Betts Recruiting has a relationship. Letting your recruiter know the entire expanse of your job search will ensure you land a new position as quickly as possible.

What kind of companies does Betts Recruiting partner with?

Betts Recruiting partners with the world's most innovative companies. Our clients include high growth companies, both well-established and new startups. Many of the companies we work with are SaaS organizations and are involved in the growing tech scene throughout the United States. Check out our case studies for actual client searches.

How much does working with Betts Recruiting cost?

Betts Recruiting is completely free for job seekers. All we require is for candidates to be an active participant in their job search.

How do I get in touch with Betts Recruiting?

Connect with us using this form or click on “Connect With Betts” above! A recruiter will reach out to you within 24 hours to start your job search. After you fill out our form, you should receive a confirmation email. In the meantime, check out our eBook on creating a sales resume.

Can I work at Betts Recruiting?

Betts Recruiting is always hiring motivated and dynamic people who are interested in recruiting. If you would like to learn about open positions at any of our offices, please send an email to info@bettsrecruiting.com.