Customer Success


How to Hire a CSM: Tips for Evaluating Candidates

June 22, 2018

Customer Success Managers are integral to the client experience. But with the role itself being relatively new, sourcing candidates to fill your open customer success positions can be a bit of a challenge. Chances are you won’t find someone with years of direct experience, which means you have to get a little creative in determining…

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How to Develop a Customer-Centric Culture in 7 Steps

June 20, 2018

Delivering exceptional service to customers starts from within. You can have all the best plans, policies and procedures in the world, but if your employees aren’t 110% committed and onboard, they won’t do you an ounce of good. The key to mastering customer satisfaction is to make it a part of your underlying company culture.…

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The Essentials of Pre-Onboarding Your Customers

June 15, 2018

As a CSM, you have a direct influence on the success of your clients. The sooner you can get the ball rolling on setting your customers up for success, the better, which is why pre-onboarding is so important. This practice enables you to not only help your customers get off to a great start with…

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7 Key Customer Success Principles

June 6, 2018

The term “customer success” has become somewhat of a buzzword these days. As more and more organizations begin to recognize and understand the importance of cultivating relationships, an entirely new industry has emerged. In order to truly master the art of customer success, however, business leaders must find a way to not only adopt the…

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5 Ways to Achieve Customer Satisfaction

June 5, 2018

Most companies strive to keep their customers satisfied. But is customer satisfaction enough to prevent your clientele from looking elsewhere? A customer that is merely content can be an easy target for an eager competitor. If you really want to rock retention, you need to take things several steps further and focus on not just…

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The 7 Sins of Customer Experience

June 4, 2018

Your customers need a lot of reasons to stick around, but just one good reason to walk away. Unfortunately, many businesses provide plenty of incentive for their customers to move on to greener pastures. Often, these customer experience “sins” are committed unknowingly.   The best way to prevent this from happening in your own company…

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