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How to Hire an SDR: Tips for Evaluating Candidates

By The Betts Team / June 20, 2018
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When it comes to your SDR team, every new hire matters. You need more than just warm bodies to fill seats. You need the best of the best. Challenging? Certainly. Impossible? Not if you take the right approach heading into the hiring process. Let’s take a look at a few tried and true tips for…

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5 Steps for Breaking into the Tech Industry

By The Betts Team / April 24, 2018
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The technology sector is among the fastest growing in terms of job opportunities. Just scroll through the various job boards online and you’ll see dozens of tech-related openings. For non-techies, this can be frustrating. The good news is, many of those roles aren’t as inaccessible as you might think. In fact, more and more organizations…

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3 Tips for Hiring an Awesome Sales Manager

By The Betts Team / April 18, 2018
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Sales is the lifeblood of your business. If you aren’t effectively converting the leads your marketing team is drawing in, you’re wasting both time and money. Getting this piece of the puzzle right requires a great sales manager. But filling this important role takes more than just promoting your best salesperson. You need someone who…

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5 steps to getting a new job

5 Steps to Getting a New Job

By The Betts Team / April 11, 2018
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With the unemployment rate lower than it’s been in years, it should be easy to get a new job, right? Not necessarily. In fact, some experts estimate it can take up to a full month for every $10,000 in salary. Who’s got that kind of time or patience? The good news is there are certain things…

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4 Questions Hiring Managers Should Ask When Reviewing a Video Resume

4 Questions Hiring Managers Should Ask When Reviewing a Video Resume

By Jennifer Cortese / October 3, 2016
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With more and more job postings and hiring boards online, video resumes in addition to paper resumes are on the rise. So what exactly should a hiring manager look for when it comes to a candidate speaking about their experience over film? We’ve outlined four questions to ask about a video resume to see if…

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What to Look For in a Resume

By Leslie Schmidt / June 21, 2016
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A candidate spend countless hours crafting his or her resume just to submit it online. Hiring managers then have to look through hundreds of resumes for a single open job position. While recruiting companies pitch specified, qualified candidates, generic online submissions forms cast the position far beyond a company’s target audience. If you are faced with an extensive…

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How Creative Should You Get With Your Resume?

By MeganJohannes / May 23, 2016
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Resumes can seem dull when detailing out your experience with bullet points and bolding. Some candidates go above and beyond the usual resume with personal logos, colorful headings, and distinctive fonts. But, candidates need to avoid falling into the trap of caring too much about appearance and not enough about substance. Keep yourself in check…

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Hitting Refresh On Your Resume

By eden / March 29, 2016
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Do you remember your MySpace top eight? Most likely, those same people aren’t your Snapchat Best Friends. Refreshing your social media comes second nature, whether it’s a new profile picture, background song, or daily status. Yet, when it comes to applying to jobs, many job seekers let their resume get stale. We know resumes are…

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9 Resume Tips That’ll Fix That Piece of S***

By VinceBruni / June 11, 2015
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Working at an international recruiting firm, you can assume that we see a lot resumes. Some great! Some really bad… Your resume is your first impression, and to land that dream job you’re going to need to put your best foot forward. Using these 9 resume tips you might just stand a fighting chance. 1.…

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5 Musts for the Perfect Post-Interview Thank-You note blog header

5 Musts for the Perfect Post-Interview Thank-You Note

May 4, 2020

What are the 5 keys to writing the perfect post-interview thank you message? Read on and learn how to make a positive final impression.

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Must Have Skills for Your Resume

Must-Have Skills for Resume Builders

April 24, 2020

Resumes are getting shorter while at the same time trying to convey more. The skills section of a resume is a prime example of this. While there are some essential skills for resume builders to include, you don’t have the space to rattle off anything and everything. Make sure your skill set list isn’t duplicitous,…

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best resume format sales jobs

Best Resume Format for Landing Your Dream Sales Position

December 17, 2019

Writing a resume can be a daunting task. Boiling down your professional experience into one page is challenging. So is representing all the different skills you’ve learned from just one position. At Betts Recruiting, we work with a lot of talented professionals looking for sales positions on how to best present themselves in their search.…

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Woman with laptop in park working on her resume

Our Top Resume Tips to Help You Land Your Dream Job in 2020

November 13, 2019

The new year isn’t so far away. And as you work on your “new year, new me” social media posts, know that every year also brings a new job market. What kind of resume do you need to land your dream job in 2020? For starters – and as always – a great resume is…

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Close-up of calendar for Q4 month

Q4 2019 Has Arrived. Here’s How to Make It a Great One.

October 11, 2019

As we stand at the beginning of the last quarter of the year, one big thought comes to mind: 2019 is almost over already? They say time flies when you’re having fun, so if you, like us, feel that the year has flown by, hopefully it means you’ve had a fulfilling and successful 2019. If…

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Workstation with laptop, notebook, and coffee

Is the Cover Letter Finished, or Just Evolving?

September 17, 2019

Along with mayonnaise, department store shopping, and phone calls, there are claims that modern life has also killed job application cover letters. As specialist recruiters for sales and marketing professionals, we’re not so sure. According to surveys across the employment spectrum, 74 percent of recruiters say cover letters aren’t important and 46 percent of job…

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5 Hints for Perfecting Your Job Interview Body Language

July 30, 2019

Hiring? Then you may have noticed something—attracting and hiring the right talent for your open roles may be more challenging than it was a few years ago. If this sounds familiar then don’t panic, you aren’t alone.

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laptop on table with coffee and phone and headphones

3 Ways Your Personal Brand Can Power Your Job Search

July 23, 2019

Angling for a career move? Then the perfect place to position yourself for your next job is online. And these days, marketing and sales professionals are expected to have an online presence that they can bring into their new roles, network included.    But it’s more than just being online. A captivating personal brand can…

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5 Signs Your Job is in Danger and What to Do About It

June 27, 2019

Worried about your job security? Here’s how to read the signs in case an unplanned career change is right around the corner, and what to do about it.

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Man at cluttered desk checking the time

Changing Career Paths: Where to Begin?

March 15, 2019

Making the leap into a new career can be exhilarating. It can also be intimidating and overwhelming – especially if you’ve been in your current role for some time or you are thinking about making a major change to something you’ve never done before. Whether you are entering a new industry, looking to develop new…

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