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How Your Interview Answers Really Sound, Part 2: Talk about a Challenge You Overcame

By Nick O'Brien / July 7, 2020
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Your answers to interview questions might mean different things to different people. Where you think you’re being witty, your interviewer might think you’re coming off arrogant or not taking the interview seriously. Where you think you’re being up front and transparent, your interviewer might think you’ve just revealed a fatal weakness.    The long and…

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What to do when your Zoom interview hits technical trouble blog header

What to Do When Your Zoom Interview Hits Technical Trouble

By Nick O'Brien / June 24, 2020
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Remote working has grown from an emerging trend to becoming the primary working model in this hyper-digital economy.   This change has benefited Zoom, which continues to skyrocket as one of the most popular video conferencing platforms. It’s practically a necessity for candidates looking to bag their next job interview.   That is, until something…

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How your interview answers really sound blog header

How Your Interview Answers Really Sound, Part 1: Why Are You Leaving Your Company?

By Nick O'Brien / June 15, 2020
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A job interview is a delicate dance. It’s a fundamentally antagonistic ritual wearing a friendly face. The interviewer is mining for weaknesses and challenging the candidate at every turn, while the candidate tries to put their best foot forward. Each party, all the while, chooses their words carefully.    Just about any interviewee will use…

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Whats the One Right Answer to This Sales Interview Question blog header

Sales VP: This Common Sales Interview Question Has Only One Correct Answer

By Nick O'Brien / June 8, 2020
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The ultimate sales interview question is the holy grail for anyone involved in a sales interview. If you’re an aspiring Sales Development Rep or Account Executive, it’s a chance to knock your interview out of the park with a killer answer. And if you’re a manager, it sets your candidates up to tell you everything…

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How to Ace Your Zoom Interview blog header

Tips for Acing Your Next Zoom Interview

By Nick O'Brien / May 26, 2020
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Traditional offices have converged online, and most organizations have turned to work-from-home setups, making video conferencing platforms like Zoom a business necessity. So it’s no surprise that these videoconferencing platforms also help with hiring by making it possible to conduct interviews online. The trouble is that giving an interview online is a lot different than…

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Alexa Mamatas Betts Connect blog header

Alexa Mamatas on Betts Connect, and Succeeding in a Tough Job Market

By Nick O'Brien / May 6, 2020
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Alexa Mamatas has had quite a year so far. At a time when a big swath of the tech industry is ordering hiring freezes, and the rest is grappling with the logistics of a fully-remote interview process, Alexa has not only managed to find a new job, but to shift into an industry that’s more…

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How To Answer Job Interview Questions About Short Term And Long Term Goals

By Nick O'Brien / April 14, 2020
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Just like in college when you had to thoroughly prepare for tests, attending a job interview is not much different. To ace your interview, you will need to know some of the most commonly asked interview questions and prepare your answers beforehand. For instance, what if you are asked about your short term and long…

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How Self-Awareness Can Get You Hired Faster

By The Betts Team / April 9, 2020
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The most “self-aware” thing you can do in a job interview is to ask the hiring manager for live feedback. Two things happen when you ask, “do you have any hesitations moving forward with me?”: You can address concerns in real-time with a calm demeanor. You immediately show a level of self-awareness that’s super valuable…

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How to Prepare for an Interview Over the Phone

By The Betts Team / April 3, 2020
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 When having an interview over the phone, the process can seem dramatically different than an in-person interview. In reality, though, you should approach both the same. Preparing, dressing professionally, and making sure you close are guidelines for any time you speak to a hiring manager. Below are four steps to follow when prepping for an…

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Woman with iPad in remote interview blog header

3 Tips for Interviewing Remote Candidates

By Nick O'Brien / March 25, 2020
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Maybe your hiring is chugging along. Maybe you’ve had to pause it until further notice. Whatever the case, there’s a strong chance that the next interview you have with a candidate will take place remotely. There’s also a strong chance that the role you’re interviewing them for will, itself, be remote.    It may be…

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Jack Dorsey interview blog header Betts Recruiting

Would You Pass a Job Interview With Jack Dorsey?

January 22, 2020

Do you ever get nervous during an interview?   Everyone does!   It’s nerve-racking stuff, especially if it’s your first time. But what if we took things up a notch – what if I tell you that your interviewer is Jack Dorsey?   He’s the co-founder of Twitter and has a net worth of $4.4…

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Betts Recruiting blog header 2 women in job interview

Winning Before You Start: How to Prepare for a Job Interview

January 16, 2020

Your email has a gift in it: After days of waiting, there’s a reply about the job you really want. You take a deep breath, cross your fingers and open it… it’s an interview invitation. You made the cut – congrats! Now it’s time to prepare for the job interview process. A job interview is…

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Man and woman at job interview in conference room

Beware These Job Interview Questions. Then Nail Your Answers.

September 20, 2019

The conventional wisdom around what questions to expect during a job interview hasn’t changed in a very, very long time. How often have you been advised to expect job interview questions about your strengths and weaknesses, or your five-year plan, or reasons for leaving your job? Of course, one of the main reasons advice like…

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Man diagramming marketing funnel on window

The Top 4 Challenges in Hiring Marketers

August 7, 2019

Many people think engineering is the hardest role to hire for. But we would argue that hiring marketers is even harder. With engineering, you can at least give candidates a coding test or review samples to adequately gauge their competence and level of expertise. It’s harder to do that when you’re looking for a Content…

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