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We all remember the story of the Tortoise and the Hare. In this old fable, the hare, confident that nature has made him a shoo-in for victory in his race against the tortoise, decides to sit back and relax awhile, and as a result ends up losing. The moral: Don’t rest on your laurels. Just because you think something is going to be easy doesn’t mean you should only give it a half-hearted effort.


The reason we’re rehashing this old childhood fable is that it actually has a lot to do with the current hiring landscape. Just a few months ago, the unemployment rate shot up from under 4% to almost 15%. Mass layoffs sent tens of millions of workers pouring onto the job market, including many go-to-market professionals at tech companies. If you’re a company leader involved with go-to-market hiring for tech, your intuition may tell you that there’s no way that ocean could dry up any time soon, and it’ll be there, waiting for you, when you’re ready to start hiring again in a couple weeks or next month. 


But by adopting this line of thinking, you’d be just as misguided as our furry, big-eared friend. The ocean is already starting to dry up. The vast market of available talent is quickly shrinking. The US added 2.5 million jobs in May, and almost twice that many, 4.8 million, in June. Companies everywhere – some of which may well be competitors of yours – have clearly decided they’re not going to wait to start hiring again. And if you rest on your laurels now, you may find they’ve scooped up all the good talent by the time you finally start looking for new SDRs and AEs.

Enter: Regular reports from Betts on the Great Rehiring

To help companies stay engaged with the talent market and hiring landscape so they can strike while the iron is hot, Betts has started putting out reports every couple weeks showing the progress of what some are calling the Great Rehiring. These reports provide exclusive data, pulled from our own internal reports on our partners’ hiring patterns as well as surveys of hundreds of tech company leaders, to give you visibility into what companies across the tech industry are doing as it pertains to hiring for go-to-market roles. By tracking the competition and the evolution of the hiring landscape, you can better understand where to direct your hiring efforts as you navigate what is still an overwhelmingly large talent market.


The end result? A smarter hiring strategy, a better ability to find needle-in-a-haystack candidates, and the power to land top talent while this big window of opportunity is still open.

What’s in the report?

By subscribing to our Great Rehiring reports, you’ll get and update about every two weeks with data and insight including:


  • What percentage of companies who saw layoffs or hiring freezes early in the pandemic have since started hiring again.
  • How to optimize your screening process to quickly find the best candidates for your open roles amid a crowded talent market.
  • Which go-to-market roles – SDR, AE, Marketing, Sales Leadership, etc. – are in highest demand, and how that’s changing over time.
  • Which geographies are seeing upticks in hiring, and how that’s changing over time.
  • Firsthand accounts from company leaders who have come out the other side of hiring freezes and started growing their teams again.


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Don’t be the hare

Now isn’t the time to rest on your laurels. It may look like the current riches of top talent on the job market is too big to disappear so fast, but recent statistics cast doubt on that thinking. If you don’t start paying attention to the hiring landscape soon, then by the time you decide you’re ready to hire again, you may find all the best AEs have been scooped up by tortoises. 


In the current economic context, it’s understandable why a company would want to hold off on hiring until they’re 150% sure it’s safe. But we don’t always have the luxury of dealing with circumstances that are conducive to that kind of restraint. And right now, there are more and more signs suggesting it’s just about time for action. You just have to make sure you’re not too distracted to see them.