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Marketing Interview Questions for Directors blog header

5 Great Marketing Interview Questions When Hiring a Director

By The Betts Team / May 28, 2020
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After partnering with some of New York City’s leading technology startups to hire top talent, Betts Recruiting has found many clients aren’t sure who or what experience they’re looking for in their first Director of Marketing hires. What marketing interview questions can you ask to determine if the person you’re interviewing is a rockstar or a…

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Insight for SDRs and Their Managers

What Do You Need to Know about Being an SDR? Ask an Expert

By Nick O'Brien / May 27, 2020
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You’d be forgiven for not wanting to attend an event called “The SADNESS Project.” But a few weeks back, the inimitable Corporate Bro convened a panel discussion under that very name. And when you remember that, in Corporate Bro’s world, SADNESS is an acronym for Sales Are Dope, Never, Ever Stop Selling, you realize that…

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Building your skills during a downturn blog header

4 Resources for Building Your Skills During a Downturn

By Nick O'Brien / May 15, 2020
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Your quarantine shouldn’t just be about hiding inside your pillow fort and therapeutically binge-watching zombie apocalypse movies. It should be about making you a better professional.    The world is taking a break right now. But your career doesn’t have to. This is a great opportunity to invest in building skills that will make you…

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7 tips for finding a sales job blog header

7 Essential Tips for Finding a Sales Job

By HazelKoch / May 14, 2020
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Sales is one of the most competitive and fast-moving industries in the world. This means a sales job has great professional opportunities, but it’s also suspect to workplace dissatisfaction.   Studies have found that up to 20 percent of salespeople are disengaged from their employers. If you’re unhappy in your current sales job, or want to take your career…

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Carolyn Betts Hiring University blog header

On the Podcast Circuit: Carolyn Stops By Hiring University!

By Nick O'Brien / May 12, 2020
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Last week, Betts founder Carolyn Betts Fleming continued her run on the podcast circuit by dropping by Hiring University!, a podcast hosted by our friends at Ursus. Carolyn and Hiring University host Jon Beck had a great chat about what the business world, particularly as it relates to hiring, can do to thrive in the…

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5 Musts for the Perfect Post-Interview Thank-You note blog header

5 Musts for the Perfect Post-Interview Thank-You Note

By The Betts Team / May 4, 2020
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What are the 5 keys to writing the perfect post-interview thank you message? Read on and learn how to make a positive final impression.

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How to sell in a downturn when the product is you blog header

How to Sell in a Downturn When the Product Is…You

By Nick O'Brien / April 30, 2020
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So, you’re looking for a sales job? Yes, it’s a tough market right now. And yes, a lot of other talented reps you know are also on the market. But hey, selling is what you do. You got this. Here’s how to adapt your sales skills to your job search, understand your place in the…

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Ian Lenhart and Carolyn Betts on getting hired in a pandemic blog header

On the Podcast Circuit: How to Get Hired in a Pandemic

By Carolyn Betts Fleming / April 29, 2020
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If there’s anyone who knows how to connect with insightful people and find great stories from the business world, it’s Ian Lenhart. That’s why I was so honored to appear on his podcast LenJones Party of 2 earlier this month to talk about getting hired during a pandemic. We had a great chat about the…

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Betts Connect professional resume blog header

Betts Connect and the Evolution of the Professional Resume

By Nick O'Brien / April 28, 2020
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The professional resume has evolved. First it was just a typewritten document that you’d physically bring with you when applying to a company. Then, as technology developed, it became something you’d attach to an email ahead of your interview, or upload to a job board. Some hiring managers would still ask you to bring a…

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Must Have Skills for Your Resume

Must-Have Skills for Resume Builders

By The Betts Team / April 24, 2020
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Resumes are getting shorter while at the same time trying to convey more. The skills section of a resume is a prime example of this. While there are some essential skills for resume builders to include, you don’t have the space to rattle off anything and everything. Make sure your skill set list isn’t duplicitous,…

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