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What Exactly is a Tech Sales Engineer?

By tim / August 11, 2016
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The Tech Sales Engineer position isn’t necessarily a new development in the tech industry, however, the recent drastic increase in demand is placing a much needed spotlight on them. Where is the value though?   A Tech Sales Engineer is a moderately to extremely technical customer facing sales position tasked with delivering one unified vision…

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4 Guidelines for Managing a Sales Team

By tim / August 8, 2016
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As a Sales Leader, you become the manager of a team of employees. Although every manager is different, there are a few guidelines for managing a sales team that remain consistent for all great managers. As a Sales Leader, following these four standards will help you encourage your employees to be the best they can…

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slang in the workplace

Y’all Totes Know You Shouldn't Use Slang in the Workplace

By tim / July 25, 2016
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“Fosho Bro!” Over the last few hundred years the English language has change dramatically from the Shakespearean Queen’s English to our current day slurred and condensed, LOL’ing slang sublanguage. Slang, or “shortened language,” has become so commonplace that in some instances we don’t even realize we’re using it. Slang such as “dude” or “man” float…

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The Most Common Types of Sales Closes

By tim / July 7, 2016
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Anyone in sales, regardless of the industry, has heard of these sales closes. But what makes them so successful? We’ve outlined the most common four closes and how they tap into the customer’s perception of an opportunity. Which one is your go to? If, then, right? One of the most popular sales closes is the…

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Call, Text, or Email: What's the Best Method?

By tim / June 20, 2016
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In any business, particularly sales, getting ahold of people is a big part of your job. Today, there are three primary tools sales people have: call, text, and email, or CTE as we say at Betts Recruiting. But the breakdown of when to use what methods is not always clear. Nowadays, most clients expect you…

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The Importance of Sales Metrics

By tim / June 14, 2016
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The sales industry is driven by outreach. The more effort you put in to reaching people, understanding what they need, and finding the right solution, the more effective you’ll be. But facing a CRM system and knowing where to start can be a daunting task. That’s where metrics come in. Metrics are a way a…

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How to Narrow Down Your Job Search

By tim / June 7, 2016
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Anyone looking for a job knows there are literally a thousand options of where to start. Yet, most people are looking to find a job, not just continually scour the Internet for more and more “opportunities.” Starting a career, switching a career, or advancing a career is a stressful time that doesn’t need to be…

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Why Successful Sales People Wear Crazy Socks

By tim / April 26, 2016
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I know the cliché is “the clothes make the man.” But should it be “the socks?”   Take a second and think of a successful sales person. Got an image? I bet you’re thinking of a lone wolf dude in a suit talking nonstop with slicked back hair. His name is probably Steve or something.…

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Having a Beard in the Modern Work Place

By tim / March 30, 2016
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To beard, or not to beard. That is the question. You’ll find more beards in the boardroom than ever before. The last few years have sparked a resurgence of beards in the work place. As a society, we have broken away from our father’s generation of ties, briefcases, and clean-shaven faces. We’ve traded in our suits…

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Grovo & Betts Recruiting Partner to Drive Organizational Hires

By tim / March 21, 2016
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Over the past two years, the content training platform Grovo has turned to Betts Recruiting to hire superior sales talent quickly without sacrificing quality. Partnering with Betts, they hired at scale while maintaining their incredible company culture. Through Betts, Grovo hired 40 stellar individual contributors and leaders. The positions filled include Customer Success Management, Account Management,…

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VC's Tell All- What they look for in their Marketing hires

VC's Tell All: What they look for in their Marketing hires

November 7, 2012

Hear it straight from the horse’s mouth- what VC’s want in their Executive Marketing hires. Software Advice interviewed some of the top venture capitalists to get the inside scoop on what it takes to be a marketing executive in the startup tech space. Here are the top qualities that make-up a rockstar marketing exec: They…

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Hire in San Francisco!

Go Ahead and Hire in San Francisco!

October 31, 2012

We all know that now, more than ever, running a business is very expensive. The price of labor and all of its associated and inflating costs (insurance, payroll taxes, bonuses, etc.), pricey insurance, rising rents and a slew of other financial burdens present constant challenges to your bottom line. Once you finally get to the…

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Betts Recruiting Workin' for a Livin'! Manic Monday

Betts Recruiting – Workin' for a Livin'!

September 27, 2012

Let’s be honest, we all have to work for a living. But that does not mean you have to dread every Manic Monday! One of Betts Recruiting’s core company values is to love what you do. We strive to find a company you believe in with a perfect cultural fit. Life is too short to…

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ForbesNames Betts Recruiting on Top Sites For Your Career

Forbes Names Betts Recruiting on Top Sites For Your Career

September 17, 2012

This summer Forbes compiled a list of the top websites for your career. This is a comprehensive list of national websites that span across every career field. Along with CareerBuilder, Glassdoor, and Monster, Betts Recruiting was chosen as one of the most beneficial sites to further your career! Here are some reasons why Betts Recruiting…

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Your Job Search and All Things Social

Your Job Search and All Things Social

September 6, 2012

Job hunting is a field that is constantly changing and evolving. As technology develops at an exponential rate, it continually adapts the way the business world functions. As we have discussed before, the paper resume is a practice of the past. There’s a good chance you won’t find your dream job by submitting your resume to…

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Betts Does It Again! S*** Sales People Say:

September 5, 2012

Betts New Video As we know, everyone loves a little in-office humor (especially after a long weekend!) Betts Recruiting is excited to share a laugh with you today with the release of our latest video,  S*** Sales People Say. We can’t get enough of these hilarious videos that poke fun at common cliches of all…

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Betts Recruiting New York Launches New York Office

Betts Recruiting Launches New York Office

September 4, 2012

Today, Betts Recruiting announced the official launch of our office in New York! Tech startups founded on both the East and West Coasts have seen a competitive advantage to opening up shop in New York where tech is not a prevailing industry. New York has just stolen the No. 2 spot in the U.S. tech hub…

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Why Should You Get a Job at a Startup-

Why Should You Get a Job at a Startup?

July 9, 2012

Startups are a scary zone for many job seekers. In the technology world today, the stereotype of dogs, ping pong tables and flip-flops has given way to a company culture that could not be starker from the buttoned up corporate world. So why make the move over to startups? 1. Room to Grow When you…

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Tech Sales Innovation Panel: From Product to Monetization Recap

May 17, 2012

The last week of April was an exciting time for Betts Recruiting. With The Founder’s Network, we hosted our Tech Sales Innovation Panel: From Product to Monetization.  On the night of the 23rd, over 150 people gathered at Rocketspace. They  listened to the top Business Development and Sales leaders in the tech sales industry talk about…

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Cliche S*** A Recruiter Says Every Day

May 8, 2012

Cliche S*** A Recruiter Says If you’ve worked with a recruiter before (or are one like us), you probably know the s*** recruiters say.  Every now and then, it’s fun to poke at the cliches heard around the office. Whether it’s the introduction phone call or the need to “move things along,” all recruiters have fallen…

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