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Nick O'Brien

On the podcast circuit: Stopping by Sales Pipe Pros blog header

On the Podcast Circuit: Carolyn Visits Sales Pipe Pros

By Nick O'Brien / June 12, 2020
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Carolyn’s tour around the podcast circuit continues with her recent visit to Sales Pipe Pros, a sales podcast hosted by our friend Mike Petrosyan. She and Mike had some engaging banter on topics ranging from Carolyn’s experience getting Betts off the ground, to the launch of the game-changing Betts Connect platform, to the tough decisions…

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Should you have a dress code when you work from home blog header

Should You Have A Dress Code When Your Team Is Working Remotely?

By Nick O'Brien / June 10, 2020
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With the spread of coronavirus, lots of teams are now working completely remotely. You may think that if you’re working from home, it’s not necessary to adhere to a dress code. But you shouldn’t dress like a slob either. Here’s why you should have a “remote work” dress code, and what that dress code should…

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Whats the One Right Answer to This Sales Interview Question blog header

Sales VP: This Common Sales Interview Question Has Only One Correct Answer

By Nick O'Brien / June 8, 2020
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The ultimate sales interview question is the holy grail for anyone involved in a sales interview. If you’re an aspiring Sales Development Rep or Account Executive, it’s a chance to knock your interview out of the park with a killer answer. And if you’re a manager, it sets your candidates up to tell you everything…

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Whats the best video conferencing tool

Which Video Conferencing Tool Is Right for Your Team?

By Nick O'Brien / June 5, 2020
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With the business world working from home, video conferencing has become the go-to way to connect with your team. Whether for meetings or casual ad-hoc check-ins, we’re now communicating with our colleagues as a face in a box on a screen.   Zoom has become shorthand for these communications – the platform seems to have…

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Team building remote companies blog header

Team Building Activities for a Remote Company Culture

By Nick O'Brien / June 3, 2020
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There are plenty of challenges to being a manager. But when your whole team is remote, the hardest part might be keeping everyone spiritually together when they’re physically far apart. With few opportunities to check in with the people you manage outside of Zoom meetings and Slack messages, team building activities are more useful than…

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Fight for racial justice blog header

How to Get Involved in the Fight for Racial Justice

By Nick O'Brien / June 3, 2020
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If you’re anything like us, you’ve been looking for ways to support Black Lives Matter and the broader fight for racial justice – especially, but not only, in the last couple of weeks, which have brought numerous instances of unspeakable racist violence before our eyes.   Here are some ways you can help. Organizations to…

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Finding a role when the old job boards don't cut it blog header

How to Find a Role When the Job Boards Are Running Dry

By Nick O'Brien / June 2, 2020
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If you’re looking for a new role right now, you deserve a lot of credit. It’s not easy – for months now, the headlines have been dominated by layoffs and economic hardship. Many companies that haven’t gone through layoffs have at least frozen their hiring. The job boards talented professionals like you often depend on…

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Insight for SDRs and Their Managers

What Do You Need to Know about Being an SDR? Ask an Expert

By Nick O'Brien / May 27, 2020
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You’d be forgiven for not wanting to attend an event called “The SADNESS Project.” But a few weeks back, the inimitable Corporate Bro convened a panel discussion under that very name. And when you remember that, in Corporate Bro’s world, SADNESS is an acronym for Sales Are Dope, Never, Ever Stop Selling, you realize that…

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How to Ace Your Zoom Interview blog header

Tips for Acing Your Next Zoom Interview

By Nick O'Brien / May 26, 2020
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Traditional offices have converged online, and most organizations have turned to work-from-home setups, making video conferencing platforms like Zoom a business necessity. So it’s no surprise that these videoconferencing platforms also help with hiring by making it possible to conduct interviews online. The trouble is that giving an interview online is a lot different than…

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Interview questions and answers - talk about a challenge - blog header

How Your Interview Answers Really Sound, Part 2: Talk about a Challenge You Overcame

July 7, 2020

Your answers to interview questions might mean different things to different people. Where you think you’re being witty, your interviewer might think you’re coming off arrogant or not taking the interview seriously. Where you think you’re being up front and transparent, your interviewer might think you’ve just revealed a fatal weakness.    The long and…

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5 red flags in a job posting blog header

Five Red Flags In A Job Posting

July 2, 2020

Looking to take the next step in your career? Hunting for a tech job can be a tricky business. While you can’t necessarily afford to be too picky, you need to distinguish great career opportunities from the entries on job posting sites that will just waste your precious time.   Online job postings always try…

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How to make virtual conferences work for you

How to Make Virtual Conferences Work for You

June 29, 2020

It’s a poorly kept secret that the best networking and closing that happens at conferences and trade shows is in the hallways and over the tray of mini muffins – not in the sessions. Now that virtual conferences are the norm, how can ambitious sales and marketing professionals network without the handshakes? How can brands…

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Stuff people in Zoom rooms say blog header

Stuff People in Zoom Rooms Say

June 26, 2020

Now that we’ve all been living the remote work life for a few months, there are a few things we’ve grown accustomed to. Things like: The mail truck coming by and still not delivering the new shoes you ordered two weeks ago. Staring out the window at your neighbors sunbathing in the back yard at…

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What to do when your Zoom interview hits technical trouble blog header

What to Do When Your Zoom Interview Hits Technical Trouble

June 24, 2020

Remote working has grown from an emerging trend to becoming the primary working model in this hyper-digital economy.   This change has benefited Zoom, which continues to skyrocket as one of the most popular video conferencing platforms. It’s practically a necessity for candidates looking to bag their next job interview.   That is, until something…

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Creating remote conference rooms for remote workers blog header

Can You Create Remote Conference Rooms for Remote Workers?

June 23, 2020

Zoom has been a miracle worker for companies everywhere as the business world settles into remote work. Whether for one-on-ones, team meetings, or a company-wide all-hands, Zoom (or some other video conferencing tool) has been the go-to resource just about every single time.    By and large, though, the way teams and companies think about…

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Is a lateral move right for your career path? Blog header

Is a Lateral Move the Right Thing for Your Career Path?

June 22, 2020

Discussions around career advancement are typically all promotion, promotion, promotion. There’s an assumption that getting a promotion – or getting a new job that more or less amounts to one – is the only effective way to take a step forward along your career path. That’s why your resume and LinkedIn profile probably don’t just…

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How to Find Top Talent in a Crowded Market

How to Find Top Talent in a Crowded Market

June 16, 2020

With qualified sales and marketing professionals flooding the job market, finding the right person for your open position can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Traditional hiring platforms are not up to the task of managing sales and marketing recruitment. They take over a month to get results, and because they’re…

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How your interview answers really sound blog header

How Your Interview Answers Really Sound, Part 1: Why Are You Leaving Your Company?

June 15, 2020

A job interview is a delicate dance. It’s a fundamentally antagonistic ritual wearing a friendly face. The interviewer is mining for weaknesses and challenging the candidate at every turn, while the candidate tries to put their best foot forward. Each party, all the while, chooses their words carefully.    Just about any interviewee will use…

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