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Zach joined Betts Recruiting in March 2015. Prior to Betts, Zach worked at Insight Global, Fremont Bank, and Vector Marketing. He attended the California State University of Chico where he was a member of Theta Chi and received a B.A. in Communication and Media Studies with a Minor in Marketing. He was a member of Students of Communications and the American Marketing Association.Originally from Fremont, CA, Zach enjoys traveling, tailgating, and trekking through nature outside of work.


I've had the pleasure of working with Betts on two occasions. The first time was great. They were much smaller then but seemed very well connected.

My review is prompted by my latest experience. I worked with Zach Paulson this time around. I had left my last job due to a severe illness in the family. It was a tough time to be conducting a job search and having a recruiting firm like Betts, significantly eased the pain. Zach was able to provide a steady flow of fantastic opportunities. Zach wasn't just dumping any old job on me. He took great care in finding me roles that met my requirements when it came to location, salary, growth potential and cultural fit.

Each and every time he sent me a role, I was presented with valuable information and insight about the people I'd be speaking with and the best way to approach the process. He prepped me for every interaction in advance of any call or in person interview.

I also want to call out David Hipperson who filled in for Zach while he was on an extended absence. David hit the ground running and didn't miss a beat. This speaks volume about Betts!  They obviously hire and train their staff well and everyone's got each other's back. I felt like they had my back too!

Betts doesn't take the square peg in a round hole approach. They go out of their way to find great candidates to fill great jobs at great companies. Who could ask for more?

Thank you!

Josh F., Yelp Review

I had the best experience with Betts recruiting. I worked with Zach Paulson.  He taught me to how to sell myself, and how to interview strategically. He coached me, and was my biggest support and champion.

Betts connected me with a number of different companies, and set up a number of interviews. At the end of the experience, I had a job offer. Overall, Betts is full of resources and will do all they can to help you succeed.

Sophia A., Yelp Review

I had the tremendous pleasure of working with Zach Paulson. From the start Zach really took an interest in getting to know me and what I was looking for in my job search. He was on top of his game from outstanding communication to interview preparation. I couldn't be happier in my new position. I would absolutely recommend anyone looking to make a change to Zach and the Betts team!

Cameron S., Yelp Review


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