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Taylor joined Betts Recruiting in June 2015. Prior to Betts, Taylor worked at the South Campus Times. He attended the University of Michigan where he received a B.A. in Spanish Language and Literature. He was also a member of the NCAA Division 1 Gymnastics team. He also speaks proficient Spanish. Originally from Dublin, OH, Taylor enjoys traveling, hanging with friends, and happy hours outside of work.


I worked with Taylor and he provided a phenomenal experience throughout the entire job seeking process. He took the time follow up with me and answer any questions or concerns I had after every interview.

I highly recommend working with Betts. They are an elite recruiting agency.

Michael T., Yelp Review

My recruiter, Taylor Harrower, reached out to me via LinkedIn. Before talking with Betts, I had very little intention of moving jobs, but my initial conversation with Taylor helped to inspire a potential career change.

Before coming to me with companies to make introductions with, Taylor took a consultative approach, first asking me what I wanted in a new role and company. He then took the time to do his research, returning to me with a list of companies that matched with my interests and my career goals.

Throughout the interview process, Taylor was helpful with fielding requests and questions that I had going into each interview. Betts has an extensive repository of information regarding likely interview questions based on the company, the interviewer and the stage of the interview process a candidate finds him/herself in. Before each interview, Taylor set aside some time to go over what could potentially go down in the meeting. He was always very thorough and prompt.

For my onsite interviews, Taylor and Betts were especially accommodating. They gave me the option of coming into their office to hold a mock interview on two different occasions. This commitment speaks volumes about Taylor's unsurpassed investment in his candidates.

If you're in sales and marketing and are thinking about, or actively looking for a new career opportunities at an innovative, high-growth startup, then look no further than Betts Recruiting. In total, it took me just under three weeks to find a new job, from my initial conversation with Taylor to the day I received my offer letter. I would highly recommend approaching Betts Recruiting to help you with your career and job search, and hopefully you'll be able to work with a recruiter just as attentive, professional, friendly, helpful and insightful as Taylor.

Terence L., Yelp Review


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