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Betts Recruiting finds top staffing and recruiting technology sales professionals for the world's most innovative staffing and recruiting companies.

Staffing and recruiting technology sales professionals bring experience from both sales and technical roles. These employees have backgrounds that focus on customer-facing responsibilities and software knowledge. Betts Recruiting helps organizations find the right VP of Sales, Account Executive, or Sales Development Representative with the right background to match their needs.

In the staffing and recruiting technology industry, Betts Recruiting is ideally situated to offer companies the best candidates. With our pool of talent, Betts Recruiting has access to countless job seekers interested in sales and recruiting software. Staffing and recruiting technology sales professionals help customers understand the benefits of a new service, the specs of the technology, and the best ways to optimize its use. These advocates are essential to an organization's success.

Staffing and recruiting technology companies partner with Betts Recruiting to save time, effort, and money while developing sales teams with the best professionals. In this growing industry, finding critical revenue generating professionals can be challenging for companies who need to fill these roles quickly. Betts Recruiting work closely with hiring managers to identify the perfect candidate. We pinpoint the right professional experience, educational requirements, and culture needs to find the best professionals for every company. By taking on the initial vetting and sourcing, Betts Recruiting shortens the interview process for these positions. When it comes to sales, finding the right professional as soon as possible can make all the difference in a company's revenue.

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