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Sara joined Betts Recruiting in October 2015. Prior to Betts, she worked in the fashion industry doing both production and sales. A lifelong Blue Hen, she graduated with Dean’s List honors from The University of Delaware with a B.A. in Mass Communication and Media Studies.  Originally from Basking Ridge, NJ, Sara spends her non-working hours exploring the NY foodie scene, seeing her favorite bands play around the city, and planning her next trip - she’s been to 15 different countries & counting!


Betts Recruiting offers unyielding support amid a friendly, professional atmosphere. They dedicate an entire team to helping you find the right employment fit and come to you with incredible insight about their partners / your future employers. Sara Altman was a particular bright spot in how she dealt with my employment search firsthand, even offering to speak with me before and after my interviews with prospective employers. Sara is the quintessence of professionalism.

I highly recommend them for anyone seeking a job in the tech startup field, and even more so if you would rather interact with decent, kind people versus headhunting drones (as featured in other recruitment offices).

Tyler L., Yelp Review

I've worked with a lot of recruiters and Sara is truly one of the best I've had the privilege of partnering with. From the start, she established herself as caring, knowledgable and extremely trustworthy. Searching for a new opportunity can be stressful but with Sara the entire process was extremely collaborative and she always made sure I knew where things stood with the different companies I was interviewing with, even going so far as to stay in touch via texts. At the same time, she wasn't afraid to ask tough questions to uncover the things that were really important to me, showing that she really cared about finding the perfect fit.

In the end we found the perfect opportunity and I couldn't be happier. Thank you Sara!

Brad T., LinkedIn Review

I was lucky enough to work with Sara during my last job search process. She actually filled in for a colleague on vacation, so I only worked with her briefly, but she made a wonderful impression on me.

Sara really goes above and beyond in order to engender a great candidate experience. She did a lot of prep work with me prior to calls and even answered emails and phone calls during her off hours.

As a candidate, you look for a recruiter who listens and strives to create an experience tailored to your specific needs. Sara hit this expectation out of the park and I would highly recommend working with her on your next job hunt.

Kevin W., LinkedIn Review


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