Recruiting Specialties

Betts' Recruiting Specialties

Betts specializes in helping innovative companies find and hire top talent for all of the below roles.

Sales Development Representative

A Sales Development Representative (SDR) manages all leads for a company. When looking to scale a business and increase revenue, an SDR can be a key hire. This role manages strategic outreach and customer sourcing.

Account Executive

An Account Executive is responsible for the entire sales process, from initial lead to close. When a company is in growth mode, this position focuses on moving prospective clients through the sales process and bringing on new business.

Customer Success Manager

A Customer Success Manager (CSM) focuses on strengthening and maintaining the client relationship after the initial sale. After a company has launched their product or service, the CSM position handles implementation and product maintenance, as well as customer feedback.

Sales Engineer

A Sales Engineer has both sales and technological knowledge. This role works between the sales team and product team, dealing with complicated questions and concerns regarding a product or service.


A marketing position consists of product and content marketers, demand generation specialists, and marketing operations employees. To continually drive inbound leads and develop brand awareness, marketing is integral to all stages of company growth.

Director/Vice President

A Director or Vice President level position in the sales, marketing, or business development sector of a company manages and leads a team of employees. These leaders are essential for expanding companies looking to maintain quality and success.

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