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Natalie joined Betts Recruiting in July 2014. Prior to Betts, Natalie worked at Quest Diagnostics, and SThree PLC. She attended the University of California, Santa Barbara where she was a member of Alpha Phi and received a B.A. in English Literature. She graduated cum laude and is currently an IVY member. Originally from Ventura, CA, Natalie enjoys running, yoga, traveling, and reading outside of work.


Tyson M.

Connecting with Betts for my recent job search was a brilliant decision! Their relationships and reputation within the tech industry provided a tremendous platform to power my search. I worked directly with Natalie Ryan, who is nothing short of a dream! She did an incredible job of understanding what I was looking for and matching me with great opportunities. Her professionalism and understanding of the interview process were invaluable. Maybe more importantly, she managed our relationship in a way the brought out the best in me. She was equal parts coach, teammate, and cheerleader. Her constant attention, effort, and encouragement throughout the process kept me motivated and optimistic about the outcome. I really feel like Natalie, Claire Taylor, and everyone at Betts helped me land the perfect role as Director of Sales at DealPath. Thank you Natalie, Claire, and everyone who worked so hard on my behalf!

Tyson M., LinkedIn Review

Natalie is an absolute pleasure to work with. She's professional, hard working, and always has your best interest in mind. I would highly recommend working with Natalie to anyone looking to enhance their career (or just get awesome advice).

Kyle K., LinkedIn Review

I highly recommend working with Natalie.

She is intelligent, calm and has uncanny situational judgement. She has a unique ability to get at the core of a person and align them perfectly with the right companies.

Natalie can honestly deliver good and bad news without judgement or agenda. She brings in resources when needed and helps think through issues and concerns quickly and wholly.

In short, Natalie is a unique and much needed person in the search profession. She is truly great.

Chris P., LinkedIn Review


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