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Melissa joined Betts Recruiting in February 2015. Prior to Betts, Melissa interned with The New York Racing Association and the United States Tennis Association of Northern California. She attended Skidmore College where she received a B.S. in Management and Business. She was also the Captain of the Women's Tennis Team. Originally from Alamo, CA, Melissa enjoys sports (she assisted with the last two Super Bowls via SP+ Gameday), anything outdoors, and traveling outside of work.


I've worked with recruiters in the past and none were as on top of their job like Melissa. Although I am certain I was not her only client, she made me feel like I was indeed the only thing that mattered in her life at Betts Recruiting. Her intelligence, organizational skills and persistence are but a few of her many traits that kept my calendar filled with interviews.

Melissa truly cares about her clients and won't hesitate to get on them if they fall short fulfilling their end of the me, I learned the hard way when I missed a 10 minute prep call. After her good natured talk, I was impressed and never missed another.

I'm confidant Melissa is and will be an asset to any recruiting/sales organization now and in her future endeavors.

Deno G., LinkedIn Review

Working with Melissa Hirsch was as good as it gets! Not only did she help me prep for each interview by giving me company info and interviewer info, but she also set up calls before and after each interview. On our first call I gave her a description of the role I was looking for and within 2 days I had multiple interviews lined up. Within two weeks of us meeting, I landed the job that I love! I highly recommend working with Melissa if you get the chance!

Connor M., Yelp Review
Could not be happier with the work that Melissa Hirsh over with Betts Recruiting did in helping me land a job. She did everything she could to ensure that I was well prepared before every job interview I had. Melissa responded quickly to every question I had about the hiring process and would prep before every stage of an interview with me. Her advice was incredibly valuable and although I am confident I would have found a job eventually, I honestly believe it would have taken MONTHS longer if I hadn't had come to her. She wanted to ensure that the company I ended up working was one that was the perfect fit for me and I am happy to say that it was. The process from the first call with Melissa to receiving a job offer took just under two weeks. If you're looking for a job anywhere in the Bay area, make sure to get into contact with Melissa. Derek R., Yelp Review


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