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Megan joined Betts Recruiting in June 2014. Prior to Betts, she attended San Jose State University where she was a member of Delta Gamma and received a B.A. in Child and Adolescent Development. Originally from San Jose, CA, Megan enjoys running, music festivals, and trying out every brunch spot in SF.


I was working at a large Software company in the bay but wanted to move to a smaller high growth and aggressive company. I reached out to betts and was setup with Megan Johannes. I cannot overstate how quickly the process was after our initial meeting and how dedicated and responsive Megan was throughout the process. 

I had a varied background that did not meet some of the normal standards companies look for but she took the time to speak with me and get an understanding of my skillset and not just go off my paper resume. She listened to my interests and set me up with about 5 companies virtually immediately. By comparison I was working with a recruiter from another firm at the same time and she only got me one interview and did not prep me  (or the company) for it at all. Every company I met with through betts had already been briefed on who I was, what my strengths and weaknesses were, and why I might be a good fit for them.

Within 14 days flat of meeting her I had 2 (high paying) offers from great companies that were then competing for my services. I also was in various stages of interviews with other companies that I had to turn down. The most difficult part of the process was telling one of my potential managers that I had chosen another offer. 

Jordan N., Yelp Review

This was the third time I have worked with Betts Recruiting. My last recruiter moved to NYC to head the office there (congrats again Jamie!), so I had the pleasure of working with Megan Johannes this time around. All around A+. This girl is on top of her game and will do everything to make sure you are prepped for an interview. One of my favorite things about Megan is that she made sure to understand exactly what I was looking for and what kind of companies I wanted to work for so I wouldn't be wasting my time looking at 15 different places at once. I will definitely use her again. Thanks girl!

Zoe H., Yelp Review

I wanted to switch careers and move to San Francisco from the East Coast. A friend referred me to Betts and I am glad they did. Megan Johannes and the rest of the team were amazing. Interviewing from another part of the country seemed challenging but she made it an easy process and I was able to land an amazing job within a span of a month. She connected with me on an almost daily basis and always had open communication on what was going on. I highly recommend based on the quality of potential opportunities, the honest feedback, and most importantly the caring attitude shown towards candidates.

Matthew C., Yelp Review


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