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Betts Recruiting finds top sales professionals for the
world's most innovative media & advertising companies.

In the constantly changing world of media and advertising technology, the best sales professionals need knowledge and experience with companies targeting large audiences. Betts Recruiting helps organizations find the ideal VP of Sales, Account Executive, or Sales Development Representative with the right background to match their needs.

Betts Recruiting offers companies the best candidates. From our experience working closely with many companies in media and adtech, we are able to bring on top talent specifically for the industry. Our vast network of qualified candidates can save you money, time, and effort. Media and advertising technology sales professionals help customers understand the benefits of a new service, the specs of the technology, and the best ways to optimize its use. These advocates are essential to an organization's success.

Media and adtech startups work closely with Betts Recruiting to create sales teams with the best professionals; established companies connect with Betts Recruiting to find specialized talent to enhance their current sales. Betts Recruiting partners with hiring managers to outline ideal candidate profiles to drive employee searches. By understanding professional experience, educational requirements, and what cultural needs must be met, Betts can shorten the hiring process immensely. We take on the sourcing and vetting of every candidate, shortening the interview process for positions that companies need filled quickly. When it comes to sales, finding the right professional as soon as possible can make all the difference in a company's revenue.

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